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Huffnagle Scholarship

for Study at a Biological Field Station

Through a generous bequest from the estate of Harry W. and Mary B. Huffnagle, the Biology Department awards up to three scholarships per year for students to do summer course work or research at a biological field station of their choice, in the areas of ecology, environmental science, or behavior. Eligible students are BIO majors (including double, joint, and special-studies majors), BMB majors, BFB majors, and ENV SCI majors and ENV STU majors and minors. The scholarship cannot be used during the summer following graduation. The number of awards and their dollar amounts depend each year on the number of applicants, the strengths of the proposals, and the costs of the programs. Therefore, in some cases an individual award may not cover the full cost of the program. Recent awards have been in the range of $500 to $1500.

To learn about good programs at field stations in both the U.S. and other countries, go to the Biology Department's web page on Summer and Off-Campus Opportunities, look at program advertisements posted in the Biology Department, look at the list of Past Huffnagle Awards and speak to recent student recipients, and speak to professors. Apply for the field program directly according to its procedures, and apply separately to the Biology Department for the Huffnagle Scholarship.

Contact Dan Ardia (email: dardia) for more information.

Submit applications to Dr. Daniel Ardia (deadline Mar 13th).  Awards are announced before the end of March. To apply, please submit the following:

A proposal of no more than two double-spaced pages that includes:

  • The name and brief description of the organization and field station, as well as the course or research experience, for which you are applying.
  • An explanation of your interest in the program, including past experiences that sparked your interest, and how the program will help you to achieve your educational or career goals.
  • A budget of estimated costs you would incur for the program; for example tuition, round-trip travel, room and board, etc.
  • A statement of whether you have applied for any other financial assistance for the program.
  • A statement of your cumulative GPA and list of courses taken in Biology, BFB, and ENV.
  • Hard copies of brochures for the program, or a URL at which information can be found.

Huffnagle Scholarship Awards


Eila Miller '15: Field study with Prof. Fisher, Canadian Rockies

Ken Davidson '16, Lex Darby '15, Andrew Glunk '15: Field study with Prof. Gotsch, Costa Rica


Suzanna Talento '14: Field study at the Highlands Biological Station

Jin Hwang '14: Field study with Professor Fischer, Canadian Rockies

Lex Darby '15 and Andrew Glunk '15: Field study with Prof. Gotsch, Costa Rica


Nora Theodore '13; Field research with Professor Fischer, Canadian Rockies

Mawell Sechzer '14, Hannah Scharf '13, Austin Huffman '13; Field research with Professor Ardia, Ithaca, NY

Alex Krupnick '14; Primate Ecology and Behavior course in Costa Rica


Abigail Kucher '13; Marine Mammal Behavior and Cognition Internship at the University of Southern Mississippi

Veronica Pickens '13; School for Field Studies, Turks and Caicos

Eliana Rabinowitz '14; Field research with Professor Fischer, Canadian Rockies

Frederick Zinkhan '12; Field research with Professor Sipe, Wabash College, Indiana


Brandon Morrison '11; Tropical Ecology in the Bahamas in San Salvador (through HACC)

Scott Rownd '12; School for Field Studies Summer Program on Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems: Biodiversity Conservation and Development, Costa Rica


Elizabeth Burmester '10; School for Field Studies, Turks and Calcos

Rebecca Windsor '10; Organization for Tropical Studies (Duke University), Costa Rica


Brian Gill '09; School for Field Studies, Costa Rica


Audrey Koid '09; Belize Global Learning Programs


Caitlin Halligan '08; Primate Behavior and Ecology course at La Suerte, Costa Rica

Bryan Teschke '07; Reef to Rainforest program, Belize

Angela Werner '07; Earthwatch Institute program on Queen Conch conservation; Belize


Christi Walsh '06; Coastal Wetlands, Mexico


Philip Salko '04; Maui, HI


Megan Brace '04: Primate Behavior, Ecology, and Biology courses, Ometepe Biological Field Station, Nicaragua.

Jo Wern Goh '05: Ionian Dolphin Research Project, Island of Kalamos, Greece.


Corynne Mulcahy '04: Community Wildlife Management course, School for Field Studies, Kenya.

Shannon Stephens '03: Balinese Macaque Project, Indonesia.

Ariel White '04: Field Work in Animal Behavior course, South Africa and Kenya.


Karen Hippe '03: Biology of the Rainforest course, La Suerte Biological Field Station, Costa Rica.

Erin Sipe '03: Ecology courses, Flathead Lake Biological Station, Montana.

Megan Walsh '02: Marine Parks Management course, School for Field Studies, South Caicos Island, West Indies.


Anthony Sigismondo '01: Underwater Research course, Shoals Marine Laboratory, New Hampshire.