Spring 2016 Seminars

All seminars will be held in LSP 142 at 11:30 a.m. unless otherwise specified.

September 6

Biology Meet and Greet
Brief synopeses of the Biology department faculty research programs

September 20

Claire Marie Filone, PhD '03
National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center

Ebola Virus Persistence and Disinfection

September 27

Matthew W. Mitchell, Drew T. Cronin, Dana Venditti '13
Drexel University
Primate Evolution and Conservation in Central Africa: Untangling the mysteries of their past and preserving their future

October 4


October 25

Stephanie Gervasi, PhD
Monell Chemical Senses Center

Disease in an ecological context:  Linking individual-level processes to population dynamics

November 1

Katie Williams, MD, PhD and Devyani Chowdury, MD
Clinic for Special Children & Cardiology Care for Children

Exploring Cardiovascular Genetics in the Pennsylvania Amish: From echocardiograms in the barn to whole exome sequencing


Biology Newsletter 2016

Prof. Janet Fischer, Kei Norford '18, Molly Lowell '16 and Rebhi Rabah '16 climb an elegant staircase on their way to Lake Oesa in Yoho National Park