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Lectures and Seminars


Biology Department Seminar Series - Spring 2014

As part of our Department's Free Hour activities each semester, we schedule a series of seminars, covering a wide range of topics and interests.  These seminars take place at 11:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated. 

February 4

Jay Shapiro, MD '53 
Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins

The Brain/Bone Connection:  Clinical Medicine Feeds the Laboratory

February 11

Aaron Haines, PhD
Millersville University

Identifying Poaching Patterns to Mitigate Poaching Activity
Lisa Bonchek Adams 200 Auditorium


Chris Martine, PhD
Bucknell University
Dummy Pollen, Buzzing Bees, and the Glossy Age of Botany
Bonchek Lecture Hall LSP 142

February 25

Aravinda Chakravarti, PhD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Why Study a Rare and Unknown Disease?
Bonchek Lecture Hall LSP 142

March 18

Paul Harnik, PhD
Franklin & Marshall College

The Risk of Rarity: Ecological Drivers of Extinction in the Marine Fossil Record
Lisa Bonchek Adams 200 Auditorium

April 1

Matthew Willmann, PhD

April 8

Tim Sanders, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Illuminating the Embryo: Novel Mechanisms of Cell Signaling During Development
Bonchek Lecture Hall LSP 142

April 10 (THURSDAY)

Taylor Ricketts, PhD
University of Vermont

Putting Ecosystem Services on the Map
Lisa Bonchek Adams 200 Auditorium
4:45 p.m.