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Research in Biology


For many students who participate, independent research is the culmination of their undergraduate experience. You will engage in proposing hypotheses, devising ways to test them, developing experimental methods, analyzing data, and writing and rewriting your paper. You will take an active part in your education by working on a research project being carried out in the laboratory of one of the Biology Department faculty. No matter what your future career, this intellectual experience will be superb preparation.

Independent research in biology is an intense culmination of a student's undergraduate career.  Research experience allows students to mature as scientists by providing an opportunity to formulate hypotheses, devise tests, develop experimental methods, analyze data, and report results both orally and in writing.

Although most courses offered by the Biology department have a laboratory component, we urge all majors to pursue an independent research project as well.  Explore the links below to learn more about independent research opportunities in the F&M Biology department both throughout the academic year and during the summer.

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Getting Involved in Research for Juniors and Seniors

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