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Enrollment in BIO390 or 490 requires that a professor agree to sponsor you, and the Department must agree that your record supports the probability of a successful independent study experience.  Discuss the possibility of Independent Study with faculty members well in advance of the semester you would like to begin. Be sure to finalize plans for your independent study during preregistration for your target semester. To help you with your planning, you can:

  • Speak to the Associate Chair of the Department about the possibility of doing independent study.
  • Speak to students who are doing independent study.
  • Examine research opportunities described in Faculty web pages, on posters in the hallways of LSPB, and in the page listing examples of previous undergraduate research projects for ideas about potential research directions.
  • Speak to several professors about doing independent study in their laboratories.
  • Finally, choose a professor with whom you wish to do independent study and ask him/her to sponsor you.  You must have express permission from your research advisor by the pre-registration period the semester you intend to begin.

 At the start of the semester, obtain a special registration form here or from the Registrar's Office.  You will need to include with this form a brief description of your research project (~1 page) as well as a bibliography of literature pertinent to the topoc.  The form must be completed and turned in to the Associate Chair of BIology within the first two weeks of the semester you begin your study.