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The Biosafety Program at Franklin and Marshall College

Through the Biosafety program, Franklin and Marshall College is committed to providing a healthy and safe learning, teaching and research environment. The goals of the College's Biological Safety Program are to:
     i. protect staff, students and the community from exposure to potentially
         biohazardous agents that may cause disease or other detrimental effects
        in humans, animals, or plants.
    ii. prevent environmental contamination.
   iii. provide biosecurity guidelines to  safeguard experimental materials.
    iv. ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local guidelines and regulations.

The Biosafety Program is coordinated by the Biosafety Officer and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

The Biosafety Program is responsible:
1- for the review and approval of research proposals, teaching lab protocols and other laboratory activities that involve rDNA and other potentially biohazardous agents. The review shall assure the safe acquisition, storage, use, and disposal of all biological agents.

2- to ensure the appropriate training of Principal Investigators (PIs) and lab personnel including students and technical staff.

Biosafety Emergency Contact Information

Debra Frielle, Biosafety Officer

Phone: 717-358-4600
Office: LSP361

In the event of an exposure that requires medical evaluation, go to either:

Appel Health (717-291-4082)
Lancaster General Hospital (555 N. Duke St)
Lancaster Regional Medical Center (250 College Ave)