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Accident and Exposure Forms

Whenever there is a laboratory accident, however minor, it should be reported to both the and the professor whose lab the accident occurred in. This information may be used to  modify lab protocols so that “near miss” incidents and accidents are prevented. 

  • Incident and Accident Report
  • This form should be completed whenever there is an accident or exposure incident in either a BSL1 or a BSL2 lab. The form may also be used to report a “near miss” incident.

    This form must be completed whether or not a medical evaluation is received.

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  • Blood and Body Fluid Exposure
  • This form should be completed whenever there is an accident that results in a possible exposure to a potentially biohazardous agent. Take a copy of this form to your medical evaluation. 

    This form is identical to the EHS form "B-2 ECP 01.1.v5" that is found in Appendix C of the Exposure Control Plan.

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  • Workman's Compensation
  • It is only necessary to complete the Workman's Compensation form if the injured individual is a compensated employee. This form should be taken to the medical evaluation and must be filed with Human Resources within 24 hours of the injury.

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In the event of an accident, such as a spill:

Contact your research advisor and the Biosafety Officer, D. Frielle
Phone: 717-358-4600
Office: LSP332E

In the event of an exposure that requires a medical evaluation, to either:
Appel Health (717-291-4082)
Lancaster General Hospital (555 N. Duke St)
Lancaster Regional Medical Center (250 College Ave)

Take a copy of the Blood and Body Fluid Exposure form with you.