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Bonchek Clothing Catalog

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You can look fly high like our Bonchek House models (from left to right): Julia Fleisch, Eleanor Devaney, Sophie Afdhal, Steele Schauer, Eliza Weintraub, Anne Dolan, Marshall Tomat

Bonchek Apparel

Longsleeve Tee
Price: $15
Color: Gold or Maroon
Front: Bonchek Crest
Back: "Traveling the road less taken.”

Tank Top
Price: $15
Color: Gray
Front: Bonchek Crest
Back:  “We Live. We Laugh. We Learn.”

Mesh Shorts
Price: $15
Color: Maroon
Front: “Bonchek”

Alumni Tee
Price: $10
Color: Black
Front: “Bonchek College House Alumni”
Back: “We lived. We laughed. We learned.”

Quarter Zip Sweatshirt
Price: $20
Color: Gray
Front: Embroidered Bonchek Crest

Baseball Tee
Price: $20
Color: Black and Gray
Front: “Bonchek College House”

Hockey Sweatshirt
Price: $25
Front: “Bonchek College House”

Classic Tee
Price: $5
Color: Maroon
Front: Bonchek College House Logo

Cost: $10
Color: Maroon and Yellow, “Bonchek” printed on one panel

Mesh Pinnie (sleeveless)
Cost: $20
Color: Maroon
Front: “Bonchek College House”
Back: “We Live. We Laugh. We Learn.”