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Fall 2010

Readings for Orientation

1. Happiness Comes from Between (download pdf file) - by Jonathan Haidt

2. Letter from Prof. Merli and guide to Aristotle - download

3. Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics, download reading 1

4. Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics, download reading 2

Lancaster First Fridays

Downtown Lancaster, 5-9pm
Lancaster's First Fridays are a celebration of the arts! Every month, we showcase the arts in downtown Lancaster. Walk around and explore our 70+ arts venues. You'll find new exhibitions, live music, theatrical performances, artist receptions, boutiques and restaurants.  FREE.

Lancaster Central Market

The country's oldest farmers' market, in the heart of Amish country occupies a beautiful 120 year old red brick building chock-full of local character. Regional food specialties include Pennsylvania Dutch sausage, scrapple (a breakfast meat of pork scraps and cornmeal), and headcheese (like scrapple, an acquired taste).  Open Tuesdays and Fridays, 6 am - 4 pm, and Saturdays, 6 am - 2 pm.

Lancaster Barnstormers baseball

The Lancaster unaffiliated minor league baseball team is within walking distance of campus. Come visit the park, look for the mascot Cylo, and have a pleasant afternoon or evening. And go ahead, visit the website, too, even though it is one of the worst you will see anywhere.

Outing to game on Saturday, Sept. 4, 6:30 pm
$5, including food


Dutchland Rollers roller derby

Come see the Dutchland Derby Rollers, a proud member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA, and Lancaster, PA's premiere all women's roller derby league.

Sept. 11, ticket price subsidized by Bonchek House.

You'll Never Wash Alone

Written by Dean David Stameshkin, and directed by Tylar Dykman '11, this musical satire was part of Family Weekend, with the premiere showing on Sept. 25, 2010.

1010101010 party

Powers of Ten party on Oct. 10, 2010, at 10:10 pm (1010101010).

The epitome of the digital age!

Showing of the classic science documentary short, Power of Ten.  See it at right, or on YouTube.

Sunday, Oct. 10, 10:00 pm
Bonchek Great Room, free

Your choice of rallies

Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or
Stephen Colbert's Keep Fear Alive
In these days leading up to the elections, support the pundit of your choice on a bus trip to Washington, DC, sponsored by the College Houses.

Saturday, Oct. 30, 8:00 am


Student entertainment committee events

These included a weekly viewing of the tv series Glee on the big screen in the Great Room, and the pumpkin carving event on Oct. 26.  The winning pumpkin at right, by Katherine and Kathryn, was praised by judges Sternberg and Stameshkin for its elegant cuts and feline representation without the use of a stencil.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary trip

On Nov. 7, several students accompanied Prof. Sternberg to the world-famous Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.  We hiked to the North Outlook on the first ridge of the Appalachian Mountains, and saw about 20 red-tailed hawks, the species that is our House mascot, migrating along the ridge towards the south. It made our hearts soar like eagles (which were also spotted that day).

Breakfast with Steven Pinker

Dr. Steven Pinker, Harvard University psychologist and the 2010 Mueller Fellow at F&M, presented the Common Hour on 20 Nov., but also met that morning with 13 of our Bonchek House students, 4 professors, and Drs. Larry and Rita Bonchek for breakfast and discussion.

Sustainability efforts

Ted Schmid installed a bike rack at the SE corner of our building, which became home to our demonstration garden for plants on Bonchek's green roof, like on the Wohlsen Sustainability Center. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, we had David Stameshkin (prefect), Annalisa Crannell (founding don), Rob Sternberg (don), Bonchekers Arianna Franca '12 and Hannah Scharf '13 (our planters), Carl Pike (Biology), and Jim Engleman (greenhouse staff).

Farewell reception

We had an afternoon graduation to bid a fond farewell to our 32 Fall graduates, students heading abroad to study, and foreign exchange students.  Potstickers seemed to be the favorite dish served up by Dining Services.

Exam food breaks

Student Congress treated our industrious students to special edible treats several times during Finals week.  One of the challenges of College life is to eat and sleep while working hard and taking some time out for discussion and recreation. Food at events always helps!

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  • You'll Never Wash Alone
  • Powers of Ten Day
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  • Hawk Mountain
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