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Your House and Peer Advisors

  • HAs do the Ropes
  • Dean Proffitt took a number of the HAs and PAs to the Ropes course in Millersville on 10/19/13. We all survived (except the mouse in the Bonchek parking lot).

Bonchek HATs, Fall 2013

Each First Year Seminar in Bonchek goes through orientation with three upper-class students:  a House Advisor and two Peer Advisors.  Our House Advisors have additional administrative duties; Peer Advisors  have a residential/academic mentoring role in the House.    All of the HA/PA staff live in close proximity to the first year students.  This arrangement surrounds our incoming students with our most engaged and encouraging upperclass students.

1st GOV Jake Gordin Hunter Citrin Carli Studnicky
1st MUS Gordon Heller Chan McNammarrah Chenyu Zhang
2nd AD CHM Dan Levin Anna Smith Angela Simpson
2nd AD CHM Zheni Georgieva Anne Dolan Richard Camuccio
2nd KK ANT Hunter Siegrist Eliza Weintraub Noah Seidman
2nd KK HIS Jake Mooney Zenia Tangri Anje McLish
3rd AD SPA Grace Brown Deborah Tam Brad Krell
3rd AD LIN Czarina Hutchins Efrain Nunez Lenna Knoerr
3rd KK ENG Sally Wynn Ben Martin Ariana S-W
3rd KK ENG Ken Davidson Shannon Neeson Abby Haba
Basement Chris DiRisio
Thomas Meghan Hershey
Thomas Molly Gilmore
Thomas Sean Cosgriff
Schnader Ben Weiserbs
Schnader Maddie McGlincy
Alternate Maya McNeal
Alternate Charlotte Hughes

Our staff of HAs and PAs for Fall, 2013

Photos: Maya McNeal