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House Rules

Bonchek College House

Upon entering the Bonchek House community, one should behave appropriately and respect fellow housemates. Everyone has the right to a comfortable and safe living environment.

Disruptive behavior that affects the house is not permitted. All members of Bonchek House should conduct themselves in a reasonable manner.

No member of Bonchek House may abuse his or her position (HA, Member of Congress, etc.)

Threatening or bullying a member of the Bonchek House will not be accepted

Destruction of property or damaging the house is not permitted. Individuals who engage in this destructive behavior will be held accountable.

Quiet Hours

  • 24-hour courtesy hours
  • Official quiet hours
    • 12:00 AM– 8:00 AM (Mon => Fri)
    • 2:00 AM – 8:00AM (Sat and Sun)
  • Halls may petition Congress to change quiet hours
  • Rooms and lounges can be active but muted during quiet hours
  • Between 12 am and 6 am Monday-Friday, the Bonchek Seminar Room will serve as a quiet space for silent individual work.  (Bonchek All Night Study)
  • The House pianos are for use anytime EXCEPT: when there are classes in session in the Bonchek Seminar Room; and between 10pm and 6am.


  • Bathrooms are single-sex
  • Residents must maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom. This includes cleaning up after yourself and leaving that bathroom the way you would like to find it.
  • Please do not leave belongings in the bathroom


  • Items restricted by the college (pets, weapons, candles etc.) are prohibited
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the house
  • All halls must remain clear of obstacles (trashcans, furniture, etc.)


  • Residents must maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. This includes putting away dishes after use, cleaning the microwave after using it, and cleaning kitchen counters and tables after use.
  • Residents may contact an HA or House Manager to check out House dishes, cups, or silverware to be used, cleaned, and returned in a timely fashion to a HA or House Manager
  • Residents may use the House pots, pans, baking sheets, and large utensils stored in the kitchen with the expectation that they are cleaned after use.


Trash and recyclable materials should be disposed of in the appropriate receptacle.


Return all furniture to common areas in a timely manner.


  • Do not put the laundry of others in the dryer
  • Do not stop a cycle when a machine is running
  • Do not steal wicker baskets in laundry rooms
  • After waiting 5 minutes for a student to claim his or her clothing from the washer or dryer, please transfer the unclaimed clothing to the corresponding cubby. If the corresponding cubby already has clothes in it, please first move those unclaimed clothes to the large overflow bin.
  • Once a week unclaimed clothing will be removed from the laundry room and stored in the duty room for roughly a week before being donated.
  • Contact the Prefect, Don, an HA, or a House Manager to retrieve any clothes not found in the cubbies or large overflow bin.



  • House residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests
  • All roommates must agree before overnight guests are allowed
  • Long-term guests (5+ days) require hall approval