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People of Our House

Brooks College House would not exist without the people (students, faculty, and staff alike) that make it the vibrant community that it is. Brooksians enjoy the unique opportunities provided by both its physical commons and residence halls, as well as by the close-knit community that resides within them.

Brooksians, as they are called, have the opportunity as early as the beginning of their first year to become leaders within the House by running for positions on the House Congress, joining committees, or by simply submitting ideas to their elected student leaders about how to improve any and every aspect of the House. No idea is too big or too small, and Brooks House members prove each and every year that they are some of the most active and engaged members of the F&M community. 

Professor Lynn Brooks, the Brooks House Don, and Dean Roger Godin, the Brooks House Dean, provide the administrative and visionary oversight that make the College House System work. While Brooks House is a student-driven community, it functions best when ideas are brought to fruition with the help of its Don and Dean, and both the House and the College as a whole benefit from what can happen when faculty and students work together. This is the beauty of the College House System - students, faculty, and staff collaborating to create flourishing individual communities within the broader F&M experience - and it is something that Brooks College House, thanks to the passion and initiative of its "people," never ceases to demonstrate.