Curriculum Overview 

A maximum of eighty-five (85) students from any class may declare a major in Business, Organizations, and Society.

A major in Business, Organizations, and Society is appropriate for students who are interested in studying business and organizational phenomena whether or not they intend to have careers in business. The program emphasizes critical thinking and analysis rather than memorizing techniques. It helps students learn “how to think” about alternative approaches to resolving issues, not simply “how to do” problems, although there are skill components within the program. Multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving are stressed by examining organizational issues from a variety of perspectives.

The courses are designed to help students develop a broad understanding of organizations and their roles in society. Students are exposed to many management philosophies, processes and styles, as well as the dynamic interface between theory and practice. They are required to complete four curricular components: an entry course; a breadth requirement composed of eight courses; a three-course, individually designed interdisciplinary cluster that provides the opportunity to develop depth of understanding in one area of organizational activity, such as management, finance, marketing, human resources, organizational ethics or international business; and a “capstone” course.

A major in the Department of Business, Organizations, and Society consists of the following courses: BOS 200, 224, 250 or the equivalent, 315, 324, 332, 341, 360 and 480; ECO 100; and MAT 109 or the equivalent. In addition, students, in consultation with their advisers, select three courses that provide depth of analysis in an area of organizational study. At least one of the three courses must be from outside the Department and all must be at or above the 200 level.

Students interested in business are encouraged to consider a study abroad or off-campus study experience to enhance their knowledge of the field. Majors in the Department of Business, Organizations and Society have recently attended universities such as the London School of Economics and Political Science or Macquarie University through the Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University; the Danish Institute for Study Abroad and IES Abroad programs in locations around the world; and internship programs through Boston University.

The writing requirement in the Business, Organizations, and Society major is met by completion of the normal courses required to complete the major.

Courses Offered 

A list of regularly offered courses follows. Please note the key for the following abbreviations: (A) Arts; (H) Humanities; (S) Social Sciences; (N) Natural Sciences with Laboratory; (LS) Language Studies requirement; (NW) Non-Western Cultures requirement. 

Topics Courses Expected to be Offered in 2014-2015 

Business in Russia