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Independent Study Projects

Prof. Susan Andrzejewski:

  • Cari Turner
    "Interpersonal Sensitivity Training: A Meta-Analysis"
    Cari's study aggregated methodological and statistical information from over 80 empirical articles to examine best practices for interpersonal sensitivity training in business settings.

Prof. Alan Glazer:

  • Christine Chepel
    "Social Accounting: A Continuing Debate"
    Chris's study examined the theoretical and practical approaches to not-for-profit organizations' reporting on social responsibilities. She recommended a "social process audit" approach in which organizations report their service efforts and accomplishments as the best way to communicate an organization's social goals and progress towards meeting those goals.
  • Rohan Ghosh
    "Doing Business in India"
    Rohan took the role of a consultant preparing a report for a client interested in starting or investing in a business in India. He describes the current financial and legal environment in the country, including India's infrastructure and the banking, tax and regulatory systems. He also identifies significant issues that those making investments in India would need to consider, including foreign exchange controls, labor laws and repatriation concerns.

  • Matthew Nicklos
    "Dell Computer Corporation: A Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation"
    Matthew analyzed the financial performance of the company over a 3 year period, developed a set of forecasted financial statements based on that analysis, and used that to derive an estimated value for the company's stock price.

Prof. Nancy Kurland:

  • Sarah McGaharan "Private Management and Public Purpose in Lancaster's Central Market" (Fall 2012, Spring 2013)
  • Linh Nguyen BOS 490 Ind Study - Fall 2011 Leadership in Lancaster Hospitality Industry (Fall 2011,Fall 2012)
  • Marley Strauss "Transparency in Organizations and Sustainability" (Spring 2012)
  • Schuyler Routt "Agency Relations and Policy Implications: The Keystone XL Debate" (Spring 2013)

Prof. Martha Nelson:

  • Susan Ramirez
    "Issues of Financial Accounting and Medicare Reporting"

  • Lauren Villani
    "An Application of Activity Based Costing"

  • Elizabeth Bernstein
    "Accounting Diversity and the International Harmonization Effort" (received departmental honors)

Prof. Jeffrey Nesteruk:

  • Contemporary Models of Corporate Governance

  • Law, Property, and the Environment

  • Law, Ethics, and Whistleblowing

Recent Internship for Credit projects directed by the faculty of the Department are:

Prof. Alan Glazer:

  • Derya Baydur worked on the convertible securities sales and trading desk at JPMorgan Chase.  Her project compared fundamental and technical analyses of companies.

  • Eric Gnock Fah interned at Marsh Risk Consulting and wrote a paper on alternate approaches to enterprise risk management.

  • Roshni Lodhi's internship was in the international development program at the Carnegie Corporation in New York City.  Her paper discusses strategic grant making and Carnegie's Community Assistance Fund.

  • Yaman Tasdivar spent the summer in Philadelphia as an assistant in Ernst & Young's consulting division.  His project discusses business opportunities in emerging markets, especially Turkey.