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Areas of Responsibility

Controller, Oversees Business Office areas related to financial statements, general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, grants, budget statements, monthly financial reports

Office Manager, Oversees Business Office facilities, equipment and supplies, accounts payable and payroll reconciliation, advances, credit card issuance

Assistant Controller - Financial Accountant, Oversees annual financial statements, bond funds, fixed assets, construction projects, general ledger 717-358-7156

Assistant Controller - Operations,  Oversees accounts payable, payroll, account grants reconciliations 717-358-4563

General Ledger Coordinator, Oversees journal entries, budget adjustments, cash receipts, food service, petty cash, budget statement distribution

Purchasing Process Coordinator, Oversees purchase order system maintenance, matching of invoice to purchase order, receiving documents

Payment Coordinator, Oversees non-purchase order disbursements, hand checks, accounts payable checks

Payment and Accounting Assistant, Oversees purchase order disbursements, credit memos

Payroll Coordinator, Oversees monthly, biweekly staff payroll, quarterly reports

Student Payroll Coordinator, Oversees bi-weekly student payroll, cash deposit

Director, Student Accounts, Oversees student accounts, loan programs, miscellaneous receivables/billings, cashier services, loan funds, NSF checks

Student Receivables Coordinator, Oversees all student receivables, processing of student bills, matriculation deposits

Coordinator of Student Loans and Cashier, Oversees student loan programs, summer school tuition, cashier services

Telephone, Fax, Email

Telephone: 717-291-3925
Fax: 717-291-4370

Mailing Address

Franklin & Marshall College
Attn: Business Office
P.O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003

Express Mailing Address

Franklin & Marshall College
Attn: Business Office
415 Harrisburg Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17603