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Billing Supplement

Important Information - July 2014

Student Invoice

The current student e-bill lists the charges and estimated financial aid for the FALL semester.  If you anticipate scholarships from F&M or outside sources that do not appear on your invoice, please deduct them before remitting your payment.  New students should check with the Financial Aid Office before deducting scholarships.  Please complete the Student Account Worksheet and fax to 717-291-4370 or e-mail to Upon request, overpayments will be refunded approximately September 12, 2014.

The final date for payment of this invoice is August 1, 2014.  A late fee of $500.00 will be charged if the bill is not paid by this date.  Franklin & Marshall accepts payment in the form of check, cash, money order, debit of a checking/savings account, or credit card*.  More information regarding payment options is provided on the e-bill page.

Health Services Fee

Each student account has been charged a health service fee of $50.00, which entitles the student to the use of Appel Health Services as needed.  The fee, which is charged each semester, covers all outpatient visits, medications stocked for acute illness, and use of the Cold Center.  (The costs of blood tests, x-rays, off-campus consultations, and emergency room visits are billed to the student or the student's insurance.)  This fee is mandatory for all students.

Student Health Insurance

All full time students at Franklin & Marshall are required to be covered by health insurance.  Families should review their current policies to determine that coverage is in effect while the student is away at College, particularly if the student is covered under Health Maintenance Insurance /HMO.  Coverage should include athletic injuries if the student elects to participate in varsity, club, or intramural sports.

All students will receive a mailing from Hulse QM Services, Inc., (Franklin & Marshall's health plan administrator).  This mailing will provide detailed information regarding the purchase or waiver of the accident and sickness insurance plan.  Each student MUST RESPOND to this mailing by the specified deadlines.  If you have questions regarding health care coverage, please call QM Services, Inc., at 800-433-2042.

Federal Direct Student and Plus Loan Borrowers

For those students/parents who are borrowing a federal direct student or plus loan, please remember the following:

  • Loans are typically disbursed in two installments (one disbursement each semester).
  • Loan proceeds are electronically transferred to Franklin & Marshall.
  • If the proceeds are sent to Franklin & Marshall via paper check, the check will be copayable to the student/parent and the school. The student/parent must endorse the loan check.
  • Banks may deduct fees for origination and guaranty of the loan. These fees will be deducted from the loan proceeds and the net amount will be sent to Franklin & Marshall. (Don’t forget to consider loan fees when calculating the tuition payment amount due.)

New Students

Please be advised that the $500.00 enrollment deposit that you previously paid WILL NOT appear as a credit on the student invoice. This deposit remains with the College during the student’s entire academic career and is refunded, less any unpaid bills, when the student leaves F&M.

Tuition Installment Plan Participants

For those families who have opted to participate in the tuition installment plan please note:

  • The amount budgeted for payment through the plan is determined by you.
  • Tuition Management Systems (TMS), administrator of the plan, expects payment to be made as budgeted. TMS does not determine if you have budgeted enough to cover Franklin & Marshall fees.
  • TMS representatives do not have access to student accounts at Franklin & Marshall and cannot provide you with account information.
  • You are expected to remit payment to Franklin & Marshall for any fees not covered by the plan and financial awards/loans. 

Residence Hall Damage Charges

Questions regarding damage charges which may appear on the statement of student account should be directed to Facilities & Operations at (717) 291-3900. If you wish to make an appeal regarding a damage charge, you must do so in writing. All appeals should be submitted to Annie Manning within thirty days of the date of the statement of student account.

Residence Halls

The college houses will officially open for freshman students on Thursday, August 28.  College houses and theme houses will open for upper class students on Sunday, August 31, 2014.

Dining Service

If you wish to add, change, or delete a meal plan, you must contact Lori Foust in College House Administration at 717-358-4438 or

Debit Accounts/Ben's Bucks

Checks for student debit accounts can be mailed to the Business Office and will be deposited into the account for the student’s use. Please remember when sending the check to indicate the funds are to go into the student debit account. DO NOT send debit deposits with your tuition payment, send them directly to the Business Office at F&M, PO Box 3003, Lancaster, PA,17604-3003.

*Credit card usage will be limited to MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  CASHNet/Higher One charges a convenience fee of 2.75% for each credit card payment.  This fee is not associated with or passed on to Franklin & Marshall.