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Student Account Worksheet

Please return form to F&M via:

Fax :        717-291-4370


Mail:         Franklin & Marshall
                   Attn:  Business Office
                   PO Box 3003
                   Lancaster, PA  17604-3003 

Semester (Fall/Spring):_____________ Year__________

Name: __________________________   Date: _______________

Phone: _________________________  Student ID: ____________

Class:  _______________________

The statement of account lists the charges and estimated financial aid for the current semester.  Please review the financial award letter and note that any award that is on the award letter, but not on the bill, can be deducted from the balance due (except work awards-students will receive a pay check for hours worked).  Please use the worksheet below to help you calculate the balance due.

Please submit this worksheet, along with your payment, by the due date for the current semester .  Make your check payable to Franklin & Marshall College.  If the balance has not been satisfied by the due date, the account will be assessed a late fee of $500.  If there are questions, please call the Business Office at (717) 291-4213. Thank you.


A.  Balance Due on Statement of Student Account         A$____________

B.  Total Schol/Grants/Awards NOT on bill*                  B$____________

C.  Total Net Amount of Loans NOT on bill**
 Direct Loan Plus                         $___________
 Direct Loan Sub/Unsub            $___________
 Perkins                                          $___________
 Other Loan                                   $___________


D.  Tuition Management Systems (TMS)
(Deduct term amount if not reflected on statement )  D$_____________

E.  Total Other Credits NOT on bill                                 E$_____________          (housing, meal plan, or miscellaneous credits)

F.  Total Other F&M Charges NOT on bill                     F$_____________    
(housing, meal plan, or miscellaneous charges)          

G.  Payment Due (A-B-C-D-E+F)                                    G$_____________

*Do not include College Work Study awards as a deduction.  Work study funds are wages earned and are paid directly to the student through payroll.  

**NJ class loan will deduct 2% in loan fees from the amount of the disbursement.