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Student Payroll

The College operates a program of institutionally funded student employment as well as the Federal Work Study Program.  Students are limited to 10 hours a week during enrollment periods and 40 hours a week during non-enrollment periods.  Wages are paid biweekly in accordance with the published scheduled. 

Students are required to complete government forms I-9 and W-4 in order to be eligible for work.  The I-9 (INS form) requires specific ORIGINAL documents be presented to Student Payroll in the Business Office within three days of employment.

These forms are:

US Passport (unexpired) - one item required


(Group B) Valid F&M ID card or valid drivers license (one of your choice) AND (Group C) original Social Security card or original birth certificate (one of your choice) - two items required one from Group B and one from Group C.  The above items are the most common/frequently used documents.  A complete list is available on the I-9 form.