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Direct Deposit Authorization and Instructions

I authorize Franklin & Marshall College, hereafter referred to as the COLLEGE, to deposit my periodic pays into my CHECKING or SAVINGS account identified as and held at the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION named below. I certify that such account exists and authorize the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION to credit these funds to such account.  The COLLEGE reserves the right to reverse any erroneous posting. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until the COLLEGE Student Payroll Office has received written notification from me in such time and in such manner as to afford the COLLEGE a reasonable opportunity to act upon it. In addition, either the COLLEGE or the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION can terminate this agreement by providing me with their written notice at least 10 days prior to actual termination of this service.

It is highly recommended that you consult your financial institution for assistance in recording the Bank Transit Routing Number and Account Number information.  Your pay advice will be available for viewing and printing on Inside F&M

Questions regarding this form should be directed to Lori Few, Student Payroll Coordinator (717) 291-4211 or email .

Please print legibly

Date __________________

Name of Financial Institution __________________________________________

Bank Transit Routing Number _________________________________________

Account Type (circle one):


Checking Account      # ____________________


Savings Account        # ____________________

Student Employee Name (Please print) _________________________________

Student Employee Signature _________________________________________

College ID Number _________________

F & M Email Address _______________________________________________

                                              Incomplete forms will be returned






The Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement for Student Payroll must be completed to request “Direct Deposit”. Below is information pertaining to the Direct Deposit of your pay


1.  Deposits will be sent to a checking OR savings account of your choice, regardless of where your bank is located.


2.  Contact your Financial Institution for the correct account number and the ABA routing number. For a deposit to a checking account a VOIDED check should be included with your request, but it is not mandatory.




4.  We will contact you via your F&M email address if your Financial Institution does not accept the account &/or the ABA routing number.


5.  Note that the first full pay cycle and corresponding pay date after submission of this form will result in an actual paper check while the bank prenotes your account information.  As long as account and bank information submitted is correct, the following pay will be your first direct deposit.


6.  Direct deposit amounts will be available to your Financial Institution at 12am on the payday. Contact your Financial Institution for the time they will post the funds to your account.


7.  Direct deposits returned by a financial institution will have a check issued in its place.  Direct deposits returned by a financial institution result in termination of your Direct Deposit Authorization. Checks will be issued until a correct authorization is put in place.


8.  Direct Deposit advices will be available for viewing and printing on Inside F&M.  Paychecks will be sent to student mailboxes.


9.  To stop a direct deposit, an email from your F&M address is acceptable, or you can drop off a signed request to the Student Payroll Department.