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Updates 7/3/14

Updates to F&M disbursement voucher & expense report forms and check processing instructions.

We have revamped the disbursement voucher form, the expense report form and the advance disbursement voucher form and are requesting you begin using the new forms immediately for FY15 expenses.  PDF versions of each form are attached to this email.  If you would like to receive the excel version so you can fill the form out online, please send us an email and we will gladly send it to you.  Please send the request to Becky Velazquez at, Ruth Lansinger at, or Eileen Driscoll at   

The two biggest changes to the forms are:

1.     The due date for when the forms are due in the Business Office (in order for a check to be cut on the following Thursday) is changing from Tuesday, 4:30pm to Thursday, 4:30pm.  This change in the time as to when AP requests for payment are due in the Business Office also includes vendor invoices and FR/PDF forms.

2. Payment via ACH will soon be available.

Additional information on the change in due dates:

We are changing the due date as to when the forms need to be received in the Business Office so that we have adequate time to verify all voucher/invoice information before processing checks.  In the last few months, we have averaged cutting over 360 checks per week and before we cut any checks, we must verify/audit, approve and post all invoices, vouchers and expense reports that are sent to us.  In order for us to have enough time to process all requests for payment accurately and efficiently, we are moving the due date up to Thursday, 4:30pm for checks that will be cut the following Thursday.  The extra time is also needed due to banking requirements for ACH (direct deposit) submissions.  For more information on the ACH (direct deposit) process, please read the ACH paragraph below. 

Additional information on processing AP payments via ACH:

We are in the process of testing the ACH payment option now for Accounts Payable and will be rolling this payment option out to the community as soon as we have completed the testing phase.  We are rolling it out to employees first, then we will begin the process of giving outside vendors the option of receiving ACH payments in lieu of receiving a check.  Please read over the ACH instructions carefully as there are implications for those who currently have direct deposit via payroll.

For all forms:

We have included instructions as to how to fill out each form that will hopefully help make filling out the form(s) easier.  All of the information we ask for on each form is important for us to receive, and is necessary in order for us to follow the College’s requirements for reimbursement as well as IRS regulations and requirements.  

Please begin using the new forms right away.  We also ask that you destroy any old versions of these forms.  In the near future, we will return any requests for payment if an old form is used.  The new forms are attached to this email and can also be found on the Business Office website at

If you have questions, please let us know.