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The Chemistry Department occupies the third and fourth floors of the William M. Hackman Physical Sciences Laboratories and includes six instructional laboratories, eleven student/ faculty research laboratories, four instrument rooms, a Chemistry lounge/student workroom, a seminar room, a stockroom, and the department office. Each research laboratory contains office and study areas for student researchers. The department is fortunate to have state of the art instrumentation, with other facilities in the nearby Biology Department and the Earth & Environment Department.

Nearly 40 chemical journals and over 200 reference books are housed in the adjacent Martin Library of the Sciences. This library has numerous computers for use by students and greatly facilitates on-line computer searching of the literature.

The department has a full-time secretary and a full-time stockroom manager. The department is unusual among liberal arts colleges in having a trained, salaried NMR technician who provides all of the routine calibration, administrative functions, probe tuning, cryogen refills, and maintenance, not to mention acquisition of spectra for both faculty and students. An electronics expert is shared by the sciences. The college supports both Macintosh and Windows computers and has a full staff of computer support personnel.

For a visual perspective of the department facilities, take a brief Department Tour.