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Rick Moog

Research with Dr. Moog by Dan Aschaffenburg '09

I’ve known Dr. Moog since my first day of classes as a freshman in General Chemistry I, and had him as a professor for a number of other classes as well as my research advisor. Dr. Moog has been available to me in many different capacities; as a professor eager to answer a question about class, an advisor wanting to discuss the results of an experiment, or as a person of great knowledge about studying abroad, graduate school, or life in general. Our relationship grew from one of faculty/student into one of friendship and mentor/mentee. Dr. Moog exposed me to the research aspect of chemistry and I soon fell in love with the hands-on laboratory experience and knew I wanted to continue research in graduate school and obtain a Ph.D.

The research I conducted with Dr. Moog was an invaluable experience that helped me prepare for graduate school as well as grow as a scientist. I had the privilege of conducting research in Dr. Moog’s lab for two summers as a Hackman Scholar, a semester study, and my senior year independent research. The most rewarding experience came in my senior year when my research was published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry as first author. We developed a great rapport that made me feel more like a scientist, researcher and colleague, not just his student. Dr. Moog is a tremendous teacher and advisor and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with him and perform research in his lab.

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