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Undergraduates have participated in original research in chemistry at F&M for more than 50 years, and chemistry research at F&M has a long history of excellence. The Chemistry faculty believes research can be one of the most important educational experiences for students, and many of our graduates find it to be one of the most worthwhile experiences of their career.

"Conducting research in this department has changed the way
I think. I've learned to be more independent, focused, and
analytical, which has helped me in other classes and activities."

"Undergraduate research was invaluable towards jump starting
my career in Chemistry. I had a large advantage over many of
my fellow colleagues in my doctoral program. I was able to
accomplish results much faster than most because I already had
significant hands-on experience."

A number of selected students accept invitations to be Moore-Schaeffer Mentorship Scholars and do summer research in Chemistry at the College prior to the start of their first year at F&M. A significant number of freshmen, sophomores and juniors begin research during the summer months and are supported by individual faculty grants (Research Corporation, Petroleum Research Fund, National Science Foundation, etc.) and the institutional Hackman Endowment for student research.

Independent Research (Chemistry 490) is strongly recommended for senior Chemistry majors. During the past decade 90% of the senior majors have taken advantage of this opportunity.  Students can also accomplish a great deal during summers or by working several afternoons a week during the academic year.

Undergraduate Research provides the opportunity to:

  • learn the methodology of scientific discovery
  • engage in the creative process
  • develop confidence, discipline, independence
  • present results at local/national meetings

The types of research studies available for students can be found at Faculty Research at a glance.  All interested students are encouraged to discuss research opportunities with every member of the department.

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  • My undergraduate research experience was absolutely fantastic…a journey full of challenges and struggles, triumphs and failures, where success is achieved not only from a result, but from not losing enthusiasm along the way."

                  Art Catino, Ph.D. '00