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Student Research Presentations

The student presentations below provide a glimpse of the types of research in which F&M students are engaged.  These talks and posters were presented at various venues, including national meetings, local chemistry meetings ( and at F&M academic research fairs.

Allison Griffith '10

[Dr. Yoder mentor]

NMR Spectroscopy as a Probe of Intra- and Intermolecular Hypercoordination in Triphenyl Oxinates of the Group 14 Elements

Ryan M. Bell '11, Anthony J. Nocket, '09, Andrew S. Bensinger '11

[Dr. Leber, mentor] 

The Use of the CPC Radical Clock Reaction as a Potential Diradical Probe to Study Thermal Rearrangements of Vinylcyclobutanes

Joshua Wesalo '13

[Dr. Hess, mentor]

Hot on the Ganglioside Trail: Towards a Practical and Reproducible Assay for Serum Ganglioside Levels in GM3 Synthase Deficiency Patients

Mallory R. Gordon '11

[Dr. Thomsen, mentor]

Lewis Acid Catalyzed Dehydrations of Alcohols in Ionic Liquids  


Mona Lotfipour '12, Daniel Rossi '12, Tony Machani '12

[Dr. Plass mentor]

Synthesis of Cu2S Nanoparticles: Stoichiometry and Phase Control

Rui Song '12

[Dr. Brewer and Dr. Fenlon, mentors]

Towards Azido-DNA: Syntheses and Comparisons of Several Diazotransfer Reagents

Jeffrey Hindes '11

[Dr. Van Arman, mentor]

Synthesis of Fluorescent Chemosensors for Metal Ions