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Scholarships Criteria

Fred A. Snavely Summer Research Award

The Fred A. Snavely Summer Research Award is granted to a junior chemistry major who has previously participated in undergraduate research in the department during the summer or academic year. The award allows the recipient to pursue research during the summer prior to the senior year. The key criterion for the award is evaluation of a formal student report, submitted to the department by the research director at the first chemistry staff meeting of the spring semester, describing the goals and results of prior research and projecting objectives of the anticipated summer research.  All chemistry faculty members will read the student research report, and final selection of the award recipient will be determined by preferential written ballot.

Fred Suydam Research Scholarships 

Established as a tribute to Professor Fred Suydam '46 by his friends and students, income from the fund is awarded annually to a Chemistry student to support summer research. 

Lucille and William Hackman Scholarships

The Lucille and William Hackman Scholarships were endowed by William Hackman '39, a Chemistry alumnus, to increase the opportunities for students to do summer research in chemistry. These opportunities have since been expanded to the entire campus and there are currently approximately 55 F&M students doing research as Hackman Scholars.

Moore/Schaeffer Mentorships

Moore/Schaeffer Mentorships are granted to students of high academic achievement who accept an invitation to conduct research with a faculty member between the end of their senior year in high school and the beginning of their freshman year at the College. These mentorships are supported by gifts from Dr. W. Scott Moore '74 and Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer, Jr. '70 in recognition of the important role of research in undergraduate education.

R. Blake Pepinsky Research Scholarships

The R. Blake Pepinsky Research Scholarships are sponsored by Dr. Blake Pepinsky '76 for the yearly support of a student showing exemplary interest in chemistry to do summer research.

Yoder Research Scholarships

The Yoder Research Scholarships, endowed by former research students and friends of Dr. Claude H. Yoder '62, are offered to a student who shows considerable promise as a scholar and student of chemistry. The award is used to provide a summer stipend for research and for travel to a meeting to present the results of that research.