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Curriculum Overview
Chinese Language

With nearly a billion speakers, Chinese is the language spoken by the most people on earth. The ability to speak this language has never been more valuable, as growing interest in China is matched only by its growing influence.

The Chinese Program offers Franklin & Marshall students excellent opportunities to learn the Chinese language, study its history, and experience the beautiful and unique Chinese culture.

In this program, students will receive intensive language training in the classroom and the learning experience will be greatly enhanced by after-class activities such as individual sessions with native speakers, culture-related activities, field trips and opportunities for study abroad.

Students enjoy optimum opportunities to develop and practice their speaking, writing and listening skills. Faculty recommend two consecutive years of study to develop fluency and to obtain a solid understanding of the history and culture of China.

An Area Studies minor in Asian Studies (China) may be arranged by contacting Hongchang Yao, Director, Chinese Language Program.