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Curb Appeal

Well-maintained homes and streetscapes are a sign of a healthy, vibrant neighborhood. Improving the look of homes as seen from the street is the purpose of the Curb Appeal program. Employees who are buying a home or currently own a home in the established area can apply for a Curb Appeal matching loan from the College within the following parameters:

  • Home is within established area east of the College bordered by College Avenue, Orange Street, Arch Street and Harrisburg Pike, as indicated on the attached map.

  • Property must be your principal residence at the time of your application and must remain your principal residence for at least five years.

  • For the College loan, no interest payments will be due, and the loan will be forgiven at 20% per annum over five years (subject to any applicable IRS regulations.)

  • Funds provided by the College must be used for exterior home improvements, which improve the look of the property from the street; the nature and scope are subject to approval.

  • Funds expended by the owner (to be matched by College) may be used for interior or exterior improvements.

  • Owner expenditures may be financed from savings, conventional bank loans or other sources.

  • For any College loan granted under this program, the unforgiven balance of the loan will be due and payable if:

    • the employee ceases to occupy the property as his/her principal residence

    • the employee ceases to be the owner of the property

  • Program is not available for new construction or where homeowner associations or other restrictions prohibit exterior home improvements, such as condominiums or other types of planned developments.

If you cease to occupy the home as your principal residence or cease to own the home, it is your responsibility to notify the Investment Office at immediately.


  • Faculty and professional staff appointed to full-time positions, as well as part-time employees appointed to positions pre-authorized by the College to work 1,000 hours or more per year, are eligible to participate in the City Life Program.  The following are not eligible to participate in the City Life Program: (a) faculty and professional staff appointed on a fixed-term temporary, or seasonal basis, including full-time visiting faculty, (b) adjunct faculty, and (c) part-time employees not authorized by the College to work 1,000 hours or more per year.

  • Employment in good standing
  • Successful completion of 4 months employment
  • 21 years of age or older
  • United States citizen, permanent resident alien, or H-1B visa holder

  • If there is more than one employee in the household, the program will apply only once.

    Note:  Curb Appeal is available to employees who already own a home and reside in the established area.  Curb Appeal is also available to employees who participated in the College’s Home Buyer Incentive Program.


    • Request a review of your eligibility by sending an e-mail to the Investment Office at . We'll respond via e-mail.

    • Download and print the Home Improvement Worksheet to review the information that you'll need to submit.

    Home Improvement Worksheet (PDF)

    • Determine the nature and scope of the improvements you plan to make.

    • Determine if there are any historic area restrictions, zoning restrictions or special requirements and contact the appropriate agency, like the City or the Historic Architectural Review Board, to review your preliminary plans.

    • Submit the completed Home Improvement Worksheet, along with a detailed scope of the proposed home improvement plans, to the Investment Office located in the Race Avenue building (RAC.) The proposal should describe the plans that will be funded by your own money as well as the College's money.

    • We will contact you to schedule a review of the plans with Kathy Fish in the Investment Office.

    • For approved College loans, the Curb Appeal Agreement will be sent to you for your review and signature.

    • When the home improvement work has been completed, forward a copy of the paid invoice(s) to the Investment Office for both the work funded by the homeowner and the work funded by the College.

    This information is intended only as a general review of the College’s program. Your College loan will be governed by the detailed terms and conditions of the Curb Appeal Agreement. Should there be any inconsistency between this program description and the Agreement, the terms and conditions of the Curb Appeal Agreement shall govern.

    This information is intended as a general overview only. The terms, conditions and procedures of the City Life programs are subject to change at the College’s discretion. We strongly urge you to seek the advice of knowledgeable legal counsel when contemplating a real estate purchase.