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  • Zach teaches Greek
  • Associate Professor of Classics Zachary Biles teaches Greek on the steps of Shadek-Fackenthal Library.

Building on the allied disciplines of history and archaeology

The classics faculty is convinced that nothing stimulates creativity and imagination as much as the study of ancient thinkers and artists. Many students start taking classics courses out of desire to learn more about their own roots and origins of Western Culture. As they continue, they find their minds growing in new ways that lead to self-understanding and a deeper understanding of our complex world.

  • Medieval Manuscript
  • Franklin & Marshall College's Associate Professor of Classics Shawn O'Bryhim challenged seniors Deanna Miserendino (right) and Caitlin Brust to uncover the meaning of a  manuscript that dated to the 15th century. (Photo by Peter Durantine)

  • julia hughes
  • Alumni News
  • F&M Latin grad, Julia Hughes, '09, is named Digital Program Director of iHeartMedia.

  • Poggia Colla 2014
  • Poggio Colla Field School
  • Students participate in an excavation at Poggio Colla, an Etruscan hilltop settlement near Florence, Italy.