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Classics Alumni News

iHeartMedia Charlotte Names Julia Hughes '09 as its new Digital Program Director

CHARLOTTE, NC – October 7, 2014 – iHeartMedia Charlotte announced today that Julia Hughes has been named Digital Program Director, effective immediately.

Hughes is an Honors graduate of Franklin and Marshall College (Pennsylvania) and previously held positions with the Washingtonian Magazine. She comes to Charlotte from Washington, D.C., where she recently worked for as Marketing Manager.

“We are very excited – Julia has so much experience in a business that was strictly based on digital media revenue.  She’s focused, driven and strategic in her approach,” said Charlie Wilkinson, Regional Market Manager

“Julia brings a wealth of competitive experience from the political space to iHeartMedia Charlotte. She’s a high consuming radio listener as well… so she’ll bring a fresh point of view to the user experience,” said Jeff Wyatt, Operations Manager.

"I am very excited for this new opportunity in Charlotte. iHeartMedia has a massive influence and I can't wait to further grow its Charlotte brands in the digital space," said Hughes.


Jeffrey A. Becker ’99 is editor of Roman Republican Villas: Architecture, Context, and Ideology, published recently by the University of Michigan Press. 

Dr. Becker is managing director and co-principal investigator of the Gabii Project in central Italy. For more information about the book, go to;jsessionid=3FBED6BA189008EE7FCD1240769DA7AB?id=2057929


Classics Department alumnus Rob Sobak '92 was one of the participants in a Symposium for Emerging Scholars, sponsored by the Center for Liberal Arts and Society at F&M.

Symposium fellows were on campus March 4-6, 2010, presenting a public lecture, meeting with small groups of faculty, attending classes, and presiding over an undergraduate seminar.

The theme for this second annual symposium was Re/Vision, a consideration of the many ways in which our appreciation of an event or text or work of art can change when we give it a second look.  In his presentation, "Reviewing and Revising Representations of Labor in Democratic Athens," Professor Sobak analyzed a small group of sixth- and fifth-century Athenian figural vases that bear scenes of men and women and work.  He demonstrated that these pictures can help us to better understand the social and political status of skilled laborers in the Athenian democracy.

Professor Sobak, who teaches at Bowdoin College, is working currently on a book titled Labor, Education, and Power: Crafting Citizenship in Archaic and Classical Athens. The book will show that skilled labor was a driving force in Athenian democracy and illustrates the importance of "re-viewing" non-elite individuals and groups, whose role in history is often dismissed or ignored.


Two Classics Department alumni, Jamie Donati '99 and Jeffrey Becker ‘99, have recently published articles in the American Journal of Archaeology.

Jamie Donati's article is titled "Marks of State Ownership and the Greek Agora at Corinth" and appears in Volume 114, No. 1 of the journal (January 2010). To read the abstract, go to

"A New Plan for an Ancient Italian City: Gabii Revealed," by Jeffrey Becker, appears in Volume 113, No. 4 (October 2009) of AJA. The abstract is available at

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