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Latin at F&M

An ancient language with modern applications

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One of the oldest programs at Franklin & Marshall, Latin is taught in the Department of Classics, where students will also find courses in Greek, Classical Archaeology, and Ancient History.

Students can take four years of Latin, during which they come face to face with such seminal authors as Vergil, Catullus, and Livy.

They also have opportunities to put their language skills to work outside the classroom. In independent-study courses, students have created editions of mediaeval Latin manuscripts in Shadek-Fackenthal Library. Many have participated in summer courses taught by our faculty in the Mediterranean or have studied for an entire semester in Athens, Rome, or Sicily.

The study of Latin impresses admissions boards at medical and law schools and facilitates memorization of legal and medical terminology. It is also excellent preparation for high-school teaching and for graduate school. These are powerful reasons for the continuing strength of this flourishing field of study.