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Club Council Funding

Club Council Funding Requests

Budget Requests

The semester budget requests are the primary and best way to receive funding from the Club Council.  In November and April, representatives from each club and organization will come before the committee to make their budget requests.  These budget hearings are very important because this is when the committee decides to allocate the bulk of its budget.  As a leader of your club or organization, it is crucial for you to remember the following items if your group is to receive Club Council funding:

  • You must fill out a Budget Request Form Online. Consult with your club members, officers, and adviser, and apply by the indicated date.
  • A member of your group must attend the mandatory Club Council events during the semester to obtain the website information and dates. The president and/or treasurer of the group is preferred to be that group’s representative(s). 
  • On the website your group can schedule an appointment time for the budget hearing. At the budget hearing, your group’s representative must be able to fully explain the request and answer any questions. Failure to attend the hearing results in your group not receiving Club Council funding.
  • Late budgets will automatically be reduced by 10% of the requested total amount.

Special Allocation Requests

At the budget hearings, the Club Council sets aside a contingency fund of a few thousand dollars for use during the academic year.  These funds are generally used for newly formed clubs and organizations as well as special events or lectures.

The procedure for receiving special event funding is as follows:

  • Complete the Club Council Funding Request Form online and sign up for an appointment with Club Council by using the link at the end of the form.
  • A qualified member of your organization who can explain and defend the request to the Club Council should attend the meeting. Since contingency funds are limited, the Club Council requests very specific information and strongly encourages fundraising and co-sponsorship with other clubs and departments.

Re-Allocation Requests

You must reallocate funds when you do not, or cannot use the funds for the specific event or purpose for which they were originally allocated. For example, your group was funded $50 for a picnic, but you did not have that picnic; however, your group was bringing in a speaker, and you want to apply the $50 from your picnic toward the honorarium for the speaker.

You must complete the Club Council Funding Request Form online and sign up for an appointment with Club Council by using the link at the end of the form.  A qualified member of your organization must meet with Club Council to explain the need for a reallocation.  Using funds without reallocating them is a violation of Club Council policy, which could possibly result in your group having its Club Council account frozen for a period of time or losing your funding completely.

All requests for both special funding and reallocation must be made in advance of the event.  The Club Council will not fund special events or reallocate funds after the event has taken place.  The Club Council prefers at least 2-3 weeks notice before the event happens.

Fundraising Boosts

As an incentive to fundraise, Club Council may boost the profits of your club’s OCP approved fundraiser up to $300. For example, if you spend $50 on supplies for a bake sale and make $100, we could boost your club $50.

You must complete the Club Council Funding Request Form to get boosted. Most Fundraising Boosts can be reviewed and decided upon without a meeting with Club Council.  In the case where the request is unclear or Club Council has questions about the request, a meeting may need to be scheduled.  Your club must have completed the Funds Collection Form online to be approved by the Office of College Programs prior to the fundraiser. The money you fundraise goes into your club’s agency account. Money boosted is transferred into your Club Council account and still may only be spent in accordance with our guidelines detailed below.

It is important to meet with Club Council as soon as possible after the completion of your fundraiser, especially as the school year nears conclusion because funds may not be available to boost.

Club Council Funding Guidelines

The Club Council provides funding for activities sponsored by recognized student clubs and organizations. Club Council funds should provide support and create opportunities for students to participate in a variety of activities.  The Club Council treats all clubs and organizations in an equal manner when granting funding.  Below are the guidelines that the Club Council follows:

Basic Operating Expense (BOE)

Each recognized organization receives $25.00 to cover basic operating expenses.  BOE is meant to be used for photocopying, office supplies, postage, etc.  

Requests to use BOE for some other purpose must be emailed in advance to Meaghan Kauffman ( in the Office of College Programs.

Non-Essential Food

Club Council may grant a maximum of $75 worth of non-essential food per event. This includes pizza, candy, and food for member appreciation events.  

Essential and Enriching Food
Club Councial may grant a maximum of $300 worth of essential and enriching food per event.
"Essential food" is defined as food that is integral to the event. For example, ingredients for a cooking demonstration would be considered essential, while snacks for a film screening would not.  
"Enriching food" is defined as food that in some way benefits one's cultural knowledge, life skills, or academic education. So pizza for an event that informed its participants of the cultural significance of pizza, or taught them how to make it, would be considered enriching, while pizza at a club meeting would not. 

Alcohol is never funded by Club Council.


Club Council may grant a maximum of $75 worth of event supplies per semester (including forks, knives, plates, etc.).  Non-essential decorations like balloons and streamers also fall into this category.


The Club Council does not fund gifts of any kind for students, seniors, guests, panelists (i.e., prizes, t-shirts, etc.).


The Club Council tries to provide at least partially for the honorarium of speakers.  The Club Council does not generally fund honorarium for paid employees of the College.


The Club Council requires that any lecturer who receives Club Council funds for any part of their honorarium (this includes partial funding for a speaker), must be an open lecture to any member of the College community.

Political Events

The Club Council will not pay for campaign appearances by candidates or representatives of their campaigns.


Organizations that produce publications may request funds for the costs of printing and supplies.  Groups are encouraged to use the services of the Publications Office in Old Main, which can solicit bids from various printing companies.  Due to the large expense of printing, the Club Council asks that clubs be conservative in the length of their publications as well as their distribution amount.


Your organization's events should be well-publicized - all members of the F&M community should know about your event.  Banner paper and markers are available in the Publicity Room in Office of College Programs in the Steinman College Center.   The key can be signed in and out by exchanging your student ID at the Information Desk, Steinman College Center.  College Reporter ads are not funded by the Club Council.

Transportation/Travel Expenses

Club Council will will grant 60 cents per mile for mileage on personal vehicles used during the course of a College-approved, club sponsored trip.  Train and airplane tickets are not reimbursed. Toll and parking fees are also not reimbursed.

Community Outreach/Charitable Events

The Club Council will fund events that benefit the community outside of F&M and/or improve F&M's reputation and name off-campus.  However, Club Council funds cannot be used as a direct donation to a charitable organization.

Membership to other Organizations

The Club Council may provide funding for clubs to be members of national or regional organizations.  However, it will not fund individual/personal memberships of national or regional organizations.

Unused Funds

Any money allocated for an activity must be spent on that activity.  The Club Council reserves the right to reallocate unused funds at any time.  Club Council funds cannot be transferred to an agency account and cannot be used from one academic year to the next.


Clubs must secure storage space for items such as sports equipment, movies, games, or other equipment before we can grant funding. This is in response to funding that led to students taking the equipment home after graduation.


The Club Council never enters into a contract.  No student or employee of the College may sign a contract, which legally obligates the College with a vendor, entertainment agency, government agency, or any other public or private organization without the approval of an adviser, department chair, or supervisor, and the signature of the Associate Vice-President for Finance, or the Assistant Treasurer/Controller on the contract.

Criteria for Receiving Club Council Funding

The myth of Club Council funding is that you will get 1/3 of what you ask for, so ask for three times what you need.  DO NOT DO THIS!  When you are filling out your Budget Form, keep in mind that the most important factors considered by the Club Council for events to receive funding are:

  1. Your club's track record.
    1. Have you spent Club Council funds according to the guidelines?
    2. Have you successfully held this event before?
    3. Do you publicize well?
    4. Do you involve your membership in decision making?
  2. Benefit to the College community.
    1. Is this event or activity open to everyone?
    2. Does the event bring something new and exciting to campus?
    3. How many people will be affected by your program or event?
  3. Your representative's performance at the budget hearings or  special allocation request meetings.
    1. Did you explain everything well?
    2. Were you prepared?
    3. Were you enthusiastic?
    4. Did you do the leg work and prior planning to submit a fairly well-detailed request?

These three criteria are neither set in stone nor one more important than the other.  Rather, these are guidelines to help you be more successful in requesting funds for an event.


How Should I Handle Myself Before the Club Council?

If you follow the suggestions below, you will encounter greater success in the funding process:

  • First, don't be nervous or intimidated. The Club Council is here to help your club manage its funding.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. The Club Council loves questions. Questions show that you are interested and engaged.
  • Always be courteous. The Club Council makes every effort to run its meetings efficiently and on time, but some of our appointments run late (especially during the budget hearings). So, please be patient.
  • Come prepared and be enthusiastic.
  • BE ON TIME for your appointment.


Because we do spring budget hearings months prior to the actual events, several times per year, Club Council reviews our allocations with a club representative to see if the allocations will still be used. If a program is cancelled, you may apply to reallocate if you have another event in mind, or we will take back the funds (which will then become available to all clubs) and you can come in for Special Allocations when you plan an event.

Takebacks are not a penalty to clubs, but rather a way of ensuring that our money will be spent on as many events as possible and each club is equally able to get funds, especially at the end of the school year when our available contingency funds are low.

Club Council Overexpenditure Penalties

If a club/organization is over their allocated Club Council budget:

  • Funds will be taken out of the group’s agency account and a warning is given.
  • If there are not enough funds in the agency account, the Club Council account is frozen and the club is on probation.

To unfreeze your Club Council account, clubs must meet with the Club Council:

  • The group must pay back at least 75% of the debt before that semester’s budget hearing (November or April) to be able to apply for funding. If the money is paid back earlier in the semester, special allocations can be submitted even though the club is on probation.
  • If 50% - 75% of the debt is paid back, the group will remain on probation and can submit a budget at the next hearing, but the account will only be unfrozen once the full 75% of debt has been covered.
  • If less than 50% of the debt has been paid back, all accounts will remain frozen, no budget can be submitted, no participation in CAF, and the club is deactivated for at least one semester. After the suspension, the club will be on probation for at least a semester and must meet with Club Council and provide a plan on how the club plans to be sustainability and accountable for their funds.


Because the Club Council monitors the use of your club's funds, it is necessary for your club to hand in every receipt first to the Office of College Programs and then to the Business Office after an event.  Your club should also retain copies of all receipts in the event your group is audited in the future.

Club Council Funding Request Form

Click here to access the NEW electronic form.

Remember that you must complete a form before scheduling a meeting with Club Council.