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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Club Council provide matching funds for fundraisers?

Club Council will match up to $300 of the profits from a club's OCP-approved fundraiser.  The Fundraising Boost Form must be completed following the event, and must include how your club intends to use the funds from the boost.  Club Council may request a meeting with your club to discuss the fundraising boost request.

Does Club council pay for food?

Club Council will fund $50 PER SEMESTER for non-cultural food related events such as pizza and snacks for club meetings.

In addition, Club Council will fund $500 PER EVENT for cultural food.

Does Club Council pay for plates, napkins, and utensils?

Paper supplies such as plates, napkins and plastic utensils will be funded up to $10 PER SEMESTER.

Does Club Council pay for mileage/travel expenses?

Club Council will fund mileage when using school vans and personal cars.  Train or airplane tickets and toll/parking fees are not reimbursed.

Can I use Club Council money for a gift?

Club Council does not fund gifts (e.g. donations, charitable contributions) of any kind.  Prizes, t-shirts, and other give-aways for students or guests will not be funded either.

Will Club Council fund my group's advertising?

Club Council grants funds to cover Basic Operating Expenses (BOE) of up to $25 PER YEAR.  These funds are intended to be used for on-campus printing for advertising, etc. or for purshasing office supplies or postage for club use.  OCP approval is required in advance for using BOE funds for something other than the costs described above. 

What if we cancel or change our event?

A club MUST request a reallocation if funds will be used differently than originally intended.  The Show Me the Money Form must be completed and the club must meet with Club Council PRIOR to the new event.  Club Council does not need to be notified if an event is canceled.  

How do I start a club?

To start a new club, complete the Club Recognition/Reactivation Form online.  You will be asked to create a constitution for the group using the OCP-approved guidelines, identify an advisor, and list at least 10 students who are interested in participating in your club.  You will be required to meet with Club Council