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Men's Club Soccer

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Men's Club Soccer Description

The Men’s Club Soccer is a part of the competitive Region 1 Club Soccer League. We play colleges throughout PA, such Millersville, Bucknell, and Penn State. We have both a Fall and Spring season and practice throughout the school year. As soccer is an extremely popular sport we host tryouts every fall for Freshman who are interested in playing on the team. We value skill, and athletic prowess, but commitment and drive are the most important traits our players can possess. If you have any questions please feel free to contact anyone on the executive board.

Men's Club Soccer Officers


  • Men's club Soccer James Boland Treasurer

James Christopher Boland - President

  • Men's club Soccer Joshua Shuman Vice- President 2

Joshua Shuman - Vice President

Men's Club Soccer Roster

Full Name Class Year
Riley Duncacn 2018
Luis Martinez 2018
Ben Finkelstein 2018
Aaron Hoffman 2017
Federico Ruggioro 2017
Luke Rosica 2018
Colin Wall 2015
Dominic Akena 2016
Nathaniel Soule 2015
Bradford Greaves 2015
Josh Shurman 2015
Will Sohn 2018
Brandon Trujillo 2018
Rich Lucanie 2017
Josh Pelman 2018
Greg Fullam 2018
Nicholas Carnes 2016
Nathan Newmark 2015
James Christopher Boland 2015
Christopher Losito 2015
Livenski Tulcius 2015
Joe Webb 2015
Ibrahim Kamara 2015
Koron Bhanu 2016
Elliot Hoffman 2017
Milo Calvo-Platero 2016
Shomith Mondul 2017
Nigel Beckford 2017
Adolfo Pallares-Aceves 2017
Hector Roberto Ferronato 2017
Jack William Kupsky 2017
Osvaldo Henriquez 2017
Brian Oconpo 2018
Matthens Corks 2018
Austin Gericke 2018
Jack Mcmahon 2015
Hunter Siegrist 2016
Akshay Kapur 2015