Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

Junto Society Members, 2007-2008


Ishani Aggarwal (MBT)

Wendy Angus-Anderson (Schnader)
Volunteerism in Modern America: The Role of Government in Assisting Service Organizations

Matthew Farrell (Ware)
Is Going to College Worth the Cost?

Danielle Francois (South Ben/Bonchek)
Women in Academia: Then and Now

Nikki Meadows (Ware)
Maintaining a Balance Between Security and Liberty: The Question of CCTV in Baltimore City         

Laura Michaels (MBT)
The Forgotten Epidemic: Understanding HIV/AIDS in the United States

Andrew Olen (Schnader)
The Globalization of the Food Production and Distribution System

Thomas Ternan (South Ben/Bonchek)
Virginia Tech and Gun Laws


Brendan Armour (MBT)
Rob Burkhead (South Ben/Bonchek)
Akilah Craig (Schnader)
Rachel Feldman (South Ben/Bonchek)
Craig Harris (Ware)
Megan Hays (Schnader)
Audrey Stokes (MBT)
Heather van der Grinten