Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

Junto Society Members, 2011-2012

Seniors (and papers presented)

Tanya Arora (Bonchek)
Internet Anonymity

Laurie Barth (Bonchek)
Change in Government

Andrew Berg (Schnader)
Post-modern Christianity

Robert Burnett (Brooks)
Ethnocentrism, Cultural Relativism and the Amish

Abigail Heller (Ware)
Electoral Systems

Mona Lotfipour (Ware/New)
When Social Media and Social Justice Intersect

Kara Michelin (Schnader)
American English -- It's, Like, Proper, Okay?

Amelia Russo (Brooks)


Nik Economy (Ware)
Philip Ehrig (Brooks)
Michael Irving (Schnader)
Caitlin Krutsick (Brooks)
Daniel Miller (New)
Sarah Patterson (Bonchek)
Binish Rijal (New)
Alexis Teevens (Schnader)
Josh Wesalo (Bonchek)
Deepra Yusuf (Ware)