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CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RECENT ACCEPTANCE TO F&M!  We look forward to working with you...

Below please find detailed instructions to apply for your I-20, which is the Certificate of Eligibility for an F-1 Visa.  This application process typically takes place in May and June, although we are already issuing the documents.  Please submit your materials as soon as possible.


1.  Copy of Passport Identification Page(s)

2.  Completed I-20 Application ** We would prefer that your 1-20 application be typed through the word doc and then printed to be mailed, if possible.  But, if you are unable to do so, printing the PDF and completing it legibly is fine!

3.  Original Bank Letter or Statement from Sponsor(s) (account balance must show enough funding for year one minus any financial aid in USD, if possible)

4.  Original Proof of Future Funding from Sponsor(s) (usually a letter from the employer(s) stating title and salary in English in USD, if possible)

Should you not be able to provide documents in USD, please use to convert bank balances or salaries into USD and send those printouts with your documents.

A SPECIAL NOTE:  Should your sponsor(s) be able to show enough funding now to fund all four years of study minus any financial aid, then Proof of Future Funding is not necessary.

Please be aware that we will not return original documents so you may want to consider requesting two of everything (bank letters or statements and employer's letters) for your visa interview.


  • We will not accept scanned or faxed financial documents or photocopies of financial documents.  You must mail us your package.
  • If more than one parent is contributing to your education and they are both working, please send letters from both of their employers.
  • If your sponsor has a family business and works for him/herself, a letter from the accountant indicating most recent annual earnings will suffice.  (The past two years is preferable.)
  • If you have more than one sponsor, the above financial documents will be required for each sponsor.


  • We process complete I-20 application packages in the order they are received.  An I-20 is usually issued within three business days of receipt.
  • We cannot expedite I-20 issuance based on visa appointments.  Do not schedule your visa interview until you have your I-20 in hand.  
  • If you confirm delivery of your package to campus, please allow three business days for the package to be delivered to our office and reviewed before emailing us.  We work with a large group of students at all times.
  • You will be given the opportunity to request expedited shipping through Federal Express for your I-20 at your expense - there is an option to request this on the I-20 application.  On average this service costs $75 USD per package depending on destination. It requires a credit card account number and expiration date.  This option is more reliable for international mailing than regular US Air Mail.  We email every student when his/her I-20 is ready and let them know of their package's tracking number.

If you have further questions, feel free to email Dean Haring at

  • 2014 F&M I-20 Application (doc version)
  • Use this file to open the 2014 I-20 application in a word processing program to type your answers.

  • Download file
  • 2014 F&M I-20 Application (pdf version)
  • Use this file to download the 2014 I-20 application as a pdf.

  • Download file
  • Immigration Transfer In Form
  • To be completed by students who are currently in the US on student visas who decide to attend F&M.

  • Download file