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Applying for a Pennsylvania Driver's License or Identification Card

With growing demands for enhanced security, the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has produced an extensive list of documents that must be used to prove your name and date of birth.  Please review the information below to be sure you have the documents necessary to prove your identity before you visit the DMV.

Our office is happy to assist you with an enrollment verification letter  - please download and complete the word document attached at the right and return to the International Center or . This letter can serve as one of two proof of residency requirements.

When you apply at the DMV, you must present:

  • Your US Social Security Administration (SSA) Card bearing your signature, OR
  • If you are unable to obtain an SSA card, you must ask for an ineligibility letter from SSA and present it along with the following items at the DMV within 30 days


  • A passport in English (valid for at least 6 more months)
  • Your visa and I-94 card print out from here: (Forms I-94 are no longer being handed out in paper form.)
  • Current and all previously held I-20 forms. The I-20 must have been issued for one year or more and have at least 1 year validity left when applying at DMV. This must be presented with both the original entry document and extension document (if appropriate) stamped by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • A letter of enrollment verification from the Office of International Programs.  This will address the active status of your SEVIS record.  It can also serve as one of the two forms of required proof of residency in PA if you cannot produce two.  Please email Dean Haring if you fall into this category.
  • Acceptable forms of proof of residency include Current Utility Bills (water, gas, electric, cable, etc. - NOT cell phone bills), W-2's (Wage & Tax Statements), Tax Records, or Rental Leases. Our local DMV office will often accept a local Bank Statement as well, if you can't provide the above documents.

The DMV requires all original documents.  Keep in mind that your name and address must be the same on all documents presented. Altered or erased documents will not be accepted and may be confiscated for further evaluation. All fraudulent documentation will be seized and may result in criminal prosecution.

Visit for further information, DMV locations, and to download application forms.  You may also call 1-800-932-4600 for information.

Take the above documents to the DMV office that is convenient for you. The DMV location closest to F&M is:

Regency Square Shopping Center
131 Rohrerstown Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17603

Typically hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 8:30 am – 4:15 pm.  We recommend going on a weekday for a shorter wait time.

  • ISS: LicenseLetterRequest
  • Form for International Students looking for enrollment verification from the college.

  • Download file