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All current international students at F&M will receive an access code to Glacier Tax Prep (GTP), an on-line tax preparation program designed specifically for international students.  All students should complete this process if they were present in the US for any part of the tax year in question regardless of if income was earned.  If income was not earned during the tax year in question, then it will be a short process in GTP.  Questions about GTP should be directed to their customer service staff at:  Please note that the Office of International Programs cannot provide tax advisement.

Be sure to sign your federal tax forms where indicated in English, and make a copy of your tax documents before you mail them to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The instructions that print out with the tax forms will tell students what to send and to where.  It is not possible for international students to submit this form on-line.

Please note that by law international students are not eligible to use form 1040 or 1040-EZ to file.  This means that international students cannot use Turbo Tax, Tax Act, or any other general tax program that wasn't designed specifically for international students.  International students are also not eligible to use V.I.T.A. on campus, as V.I.T.A. uses these general forms.  Doing so would be illegal.


All students who earned more than $33 during the tax year in question should file the PA-40.  This is a brief form that can be completed on-line or by paper.  All international students are provided with a sample PA-40 completed in student format.  Most students break even on the PA-40, meaning no refund or payment is expected.  Most students use the "No Payment or No Refund" address (paper filing).  Please note there are separate addresses for Payment Enclosed and Refund or Credit Requested scenarios.  Be sure to copy your PA-40 before mailing it to the PA Department of Revenue.


Each February W-2's will become available.  If you worked on campus during the previous calendar year then you will have a W-2.  Please take your student ID with you to pick your W-2 up at the Business Office.  W-2's will also be sent home to permanent addresses on file with the College, which is usually the home address (abroad) for international students.  File your taxes with one of these two original W-2's.

Please note that students will send a section of their W-2 with both their federal and state tax return.  Each section is notated for how it should be used (example - for federal use).

FORM 1042-S

In addition to the W-2, a small group of international students will also receive Form 1042-S from the Business Office.  This form is issued to account for monetary awards given by the College and financial aid (grant) monies that funded Room & Board during the tax year in question after tuition was funded in full by finanical aid.


Students studying abroad can request that their W-2 be mailed to them at their study abroad destination.  To request this please email Lori Few in the Business Office at and provide her with your current mailing address.  Students can file both federal and state tax returns from abroad.


Each year current international students can expect details about filing taxes including the filing deadline from the Assistant Dean for International Student Services by email.  There is usually one standard dealine in mid-April.


Graduates who have been in the US for less than five years can purchase an Individual License for Glacier Tax Prep to file federally for $39 here:

Should you no longer be eligible to use Glacier Tax Prep feel free to contact a company like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt for tax assistance.  Some people will prefer to use a program like Turbo Tax.  This would only be appropriate for individuals who have been in the US for more than five years (resident aliens for tax purposes).

Graduates in the US can also request that their W-2 (and occasionally the 1042-S) be mailed to them here in the US by emailing Lori Few in the Business Office at and providing a current US mailing address.  The Business Office can not accept addresses from International Student Services from SEVIS.

Graduates who earned more than $33 in Pennsylvania during the tax year in question will also have to file the PA-40.  It's common for recent graduates to be a part-time resident in PA for the tax year in which they graduated.  Follow the instructions to complete this form, which can easily be located by Google (ex. 2012 PA-40 Instructions).

It's also likely that graduates will have to file a state return in a second state.  International Student Services is not familiar with other state's filing requirements.  Start with doing on-line research.  

Remember to keep copies of everything that you submit for federal, state, and local taxes.