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Audio Support Policy for Campus Sponsored Events

The audio support policy outlines and defines locations on campus for which Facilities and Operations is responsible for providing audio equipment/personnel and explains procedures to be followed by an organization seeking such support.


In order to give excellent service and support for events requiring audio and to protect College equipment from damage and loss, we require an F&O audio technician to be present at such events.  

Facilities and Operations is responsible for all audio support on campus with the following exceptions:

  • Steinman College Center – coordinate through College Center, Building Manager.
  • Hartman Green  – coordinate through College Center, Building Manager.
  • College Houses – coordinate through Media Services.
  • Academic spaces, including classrooms, labs. – Coordinate through Media Services.
  • Adams Auditorium, Stager Auditorium, Bonchek Auditorium, Miller Recital Hall  - coordinate through Media Services
  • Woods Room – coordinate through Department of Athletics
  • The Catering Suite – initially coordinate through Catering. For increased level of service, the event planner will be re-directed to Facilities and Operations
  • Events in Bens Underground - coordinate with Ben’s student management

NOTE:  All audio requests, regardless of Departmental responsibility, must have a confirmed reservation.

Procedure to be followed by an organization seeking audio support for campus events

  • We require a Facilities and Operations technician to be present at events.
  • If an event is planned in any location on campus other than those listed above, the event planner must work with Facilities and Operations to fulfill these requirements:
  • A confirmed reservation for the event space must be secured.
  • Information submitted on the reservation request will not be considered enough to secure the equipment /technical services for the event.
  • Two weeks advance notice is required for audio services requests.
  • Requests should be submitted by email, to .
  • Audio equipment will be available on a first come, first served basis.
  • If an activity takes place anytime after 4pm Monday through Friday, or on weekends, there will be a charge for audio services. A charge of $40 per hour will be charged for every hour, or part thereof, that a technician works the event, to include preparation and clean-up time.
  • An estimate of this fee will given at the time Facilities and Operations agrees to support the event.
  • An account number must be provided prior to the event, so that accurate charges can be   levied after the event. These charges will be requested by Facilities and Operations, via the Business office, within one week after the event has concluded.
  • The event planner will need to supply a contact name and phone number for the "in-charge" person, attending the event.  
  • In the case of student events, Facilities and Operations will need the name of the Group's advisor.

Last Reviewed: December 2013