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Digital Media Policy

 Media Collection Utilization

The College non-print collection is available to Franklin & Marshall students, faculty, and staff with valid College identification. Non-print media housed in the Media Center are to be used in the Media Center; materials do not circulate. Exceptions include faculty course preview (24 hour sign-out period) or official faculty course utilization. Materials should be returned at the end of the class period in which they were used.

Franklin & Marshall observes the Fair Use Doctrine of Copyrighted Media as defined by the Copyright Laws of the United States.

Non-print Materials Duplication Guidelines:
  • Commercially produced non-print material (VHS, CD, DVD) may not be copied.
  • Non-print material of Franklin & Marshall original productions for which permission has been granted may be copied onto blank CDs and/or DVDs which are supplied by patron.
  • Only duplication requests consistent with the College Policy for Duplication of Audiovisual Materials as described in the copyright section of the College Policy Manual will be completed by ITS.
Video Utilization Guidelines:
  • A purchased videotape/DVD, including many titles from the College's non-print collection, may be used at the College only for face-to-face instruction by an individual professor, not for public performance, entertainment, and/or closed circuit broadcast, unless an appropriate license and/or permission has been obtained due to copyright limitations.  Please see our FAQ on Campus Screenings for more information
  • A videotape or dvd from a video store and marked "For Home Use Only" may not be closed circuit broadcast at the College.
  • Off-air recordings of broadcast programming for educational purposes (Kastenmeier Guidelines) will be placed on Reserve only upon the written request of the individual professor for classroom instructional purposes. The tape cannot be used by other professors. This applies only to programs that are provided to the general public at no charge.  According to the Kastenmeier Guidelines, the above recording may be shown to students no more than two times within 10 days of the broadcast date, and the second showing may only be for instructional reinforcement. After this allowable use, the tape must be erased. Contact the  for more information.

Media Center Utilization

Non-print materials are only for use in the Media Center and classroom presentations. Patrons must present Franklin & Marshall I.D. cards so that Media Services materials (audio tapes, video tapes, DVD or slides) can be properly charged out for their use in the Media Center. Patrons I.D. card will be held at the front desk and returned upon return of the borrowed materials.

Franklin & Marshall faculty may check out non-print materials to review and prepare materials for classes for 24 hours provided the materials are not on Reserve or needed for another class. Special arrangements must be made for any loan period over 24 hours. All other borrowers may use non-print materials only in the Media Center.

Auditorium Utilization

Media Services provides audio/visual support in Stahr Auditorium, Adams Auditorium, Bonchek Lecture Hall and Miller Recital Hall.  Stahr, Adams, and Bonchek are equipped with widescreen projection capabilities, dual boot computers (Windows or Mac operating system), DVD/VHS players, auxiliary computer hookups, and a podium microphone.  Additional equipment (wireless microphones, powerpoint remotes, display adapters, etc) are available from Media Services’ staff upon prior arrangement.  Each space may have some special features (additional projectors, surround sound, etc) which can be found here.

Additionally, these auditoriums are equipped with a camera system that allows a presentation to be recorded to DVD and/or published to iTunesU.  With prior arrangement, Media Services can record an event.  Anyone wishing for a copy of a recorded event can come to Media Services and make one using our Creation Station.  For more information on iTunesU.

NOTE:  Miller Recital Hall is not equipped with computer projection or video recording capabilities.  Microphones are available upon request.

Video Conferencing Utilization

Franklin & Marshall currently does not have an official Video Conferencing system.  The campus currently has an open policy, utilizing a variety of software applications.

The Media Services group provides operational support use of the following software applications.  These applications are reserved for the educational and administrative programs that support the mission of the College.

Software Applications:

  • Skype
  • Video ichat

ITS Contact:

Director of Media Services
Ext. 4258

Campus Cable Television 

Franklin & Marshall, in partnership with Comcast offers commercial television content in residence halls, classroom building, and other facilities throughout the campus. Questions concerning commercial television services at Franklin & Marshall should be directed to Facilities and Operations.

The Media Services group provides operational support for one closed circuit channel. This channel is reserved for educational programming and special programs that support the mission of the College.

Campus Closed Circuit Channel:

  • Channel 13

ITS Contact:

Director of Media Services

Last Update: 9 May 2013