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Job Posting or Internal Transfer Policy

Position Postings

Vacant professional staff positions are generally posted on the Human Resources web site (  Members of the professional staff who are interested in a vacant, posted position and possess the necessary qualifications as stated in the job ad are encouraged to apply.  A primary purpose of the posting process is to encourage the development and advancement of current members of the professional staff.  

To avoid disruption and costly turnover for a department, professional staff members will generally be required to remain in their current position for at least 12 months before applying for a vacant position.

In some situations, such as during a department reorganization or due to an internal promotion, a vacant position may not be posted.

Application Procedures

Current members of the professional staff are encouraged to apply for vacant positions at the College for which they are qualified.  Internal applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume, highlighting their skills, qualifications, and accomplishments, when applying for an open position. 

Online Application Process-- Those who wish to apply for a vacant and posted position are to apply through the online process available through the Human Resources web site. Please note, cover letters and resumes must be submitted through the online process as described in the position postings available at Staff members are asked not to send a resume to the department with the vacancy or to Human Resources.   

An application from a member of the professional staff will be handled in strict confidence by Human Resources if requested by the individual. However, the professional staff member is encouraged to notify his/her current manager of the application as soon as practical, and must notify his/her manager immediately if offered the position.

Members of the professional staff who apply for a vacant position at the College will be evaluated based on the same criteria used to evaluate external candidates, and, if interviewed, will generally follow the same interview schedule.  The staff member's prior employment record will be considered as his/her application is evaluated.

Questions from internal applicants regarding the search process or the status of a particular search may be directed to the Assistant Director, Human Resources, at 291-4278.

Notice Requirements

A professional staff member who is offered a position in another office or department is asked to notify his/her current manager no later than at the time the offer is made, and to coordinate the date of transfer with both the present and future manager in order to help assure a smooth transition. It is expected that a staff member who is transferring within the College will help provide training and guidance to his/her successor.

Internal Transfers / Salary Determination

The Director or Assistant Director, Human Resources will determine, in advance of a position posting, the appropriate pay range for the vacant position.  The pay range must then be approved by the Senior Officer responsible for the department with the vacancy, the Vice President for Finance, and the President.  Changes to approved pay ranges for vacant positions may not be made without written authorization from the Vice President for Finance and the President.

If a professional staff member is offered and accepts a transfer, the department manager with the vacancy and the Director or Assistant Director, Human Resources will determine the appropriate rate of pay for the professional staff member, based on the pre-approved pay range for the position and the guidelines below.

Exempt Positions-- Salary ranges for vacant "exempt" positions are determined based on the requirements of the position, salaries for similar positions within the relevant labor market, salaries for comparable positions at the College, and budgetary guidelines.  

If an exempt staff member (one who does not complete time sheets) transfers within the College, the staff member's skills, abilities, and experience will be taken into account when setting an appropriate salary within the pre-approved salary range for the position.  An exempt member of the professional staff will not necessarily receive a salary increase when transferring within the College, if he/she is already paid a salary that falls within the pre-approved range for the vacant position.

If an individual’s current salary is higher than the maximum approved salary for a vacant position, the staff member may be required to accept a lower salary if he/she transfers to the new position.

Non-exempt Positions-- Each non-exempt position is assigned a job grade based on several factors. Each job grade has a corresponding pay range. Pay ranges for non-exempt positions are established based on comparison wage data from the relevant labor market, and the College’s budgetary guidelines.

For "non-exempt" positions, the following procedures will apply when a staff member transfers:

Non-exempt Professional Staff Who are Promoted Within the College-- A promotion is defined as a move to a position with a higher job grade than the employee’s current job grade. When a non-exempt staff member receives a promotion to a position with a higher job grade, he/she will receive an hourly rate of pay appropriate for the new, higher job grade. Generally, a staff member who moves from a grade 3 position to a grade 4 position will receive up to a 5% increase to his/her current hourly rate; up to a 6% increase if moving from a grade 4 position to a grade 5 position; and up to a 7% increase to his/her hourly rate if promoted from a grade 5 position to a grade 6 position. However, if the individual is already paid an appropriate hourly rate based on his/her new job grade, a lesser pay increase may be approved. The employee's years of service with the College and job performance, as well as budgetary guidelines, will be considered in determining an appropriate pay rate based on the new, higher job grade.

Non-exempt Professional Staff Who Transfer Within the College-- Although staff are encouraged to explore new opportunities within the College, a transfer to a different position at the same grade level is not considered a promotion.  Therefore, no pay increase is generally granted when a staff member accepts a “lateral” transfer. In some cases, a staff member’s current hourly rate may be higher than the maximum rate approved for a vacant position.  If an employee accepts a lateral transfer and his/her current hourly rate is higher than the maximum approved rate for the vacant position, the staff member may be required to accept the lower rate of pay if he/she chooses to move to the new position.

Non-exempt Professional Staff Who Take a Position With a Lower Job Grade-- If an employee transfers to a position at a lower grade level, the employee will be paid a rate appropriate for the lower-graded job. Consideration will be given to the employee's job performance and length of service, as well as department budgetary guidelines, when establishing an appropriate rate of pay. If an employee’s current hourly rate is higher than the maximum approved rate for the vacant position, the staff member will be required to accept the lower rate of pay if he/she transfers to the new position.

Fringe Benefits

Professional staff who transfer from one full-time position at the College to another retain eligibility for fringe benefits based on their original date of appointment to a full-time position.

Full-time non-exempt staff hired prior to January 1, 2002: If a full-time, “non-exempt” staff member (a staff member who completes time sheets) transfers to a full-time “exempt” position, he/she will be paid at the time of the transfer for paid vacation days which have been accrued during the fiscal year in which the transfer occurs.  

Eligibility for fringe benefits for a part-time employee who transfers to a full-time position will be based upon the date of appointment to the full-time position. Prior part-time service will be considered when determining eligibility for paid vacation  and education benefits for dependents per standard College policies.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Director

Last Reviewed: August 12, 2014