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Key Policy

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Safeguard Keys

Safeguard your College keys, they provide safety and well being for all the College Community.

  • Never leave them unattended
  • Never place an identifying tag with them.

Lost Keys

Any lost keys must be reported immediately to the Dept of Public Safety at 717.291.3939.

Lost keys may result in recombinating locks related to your lost keys. This is an expensive, but necessary task to safeguard the well being and safety of the College Community. You will be charged $90.00 for replacement keys. Employees may face disciplinary action if negligence was involved in the loss of their keys.

Key Issuance

The Facilities and Operations Key Shop issue brass and electronic keys. Key Authorization forms are available by emailing the Service Response Center at . Key Authorization forms are to be filled out and signed by your Chairperson or Supervisor and forwarded to the Service Response Center. Facilities and Operations reserves the right to refuse issuing keys. You will be called by the Service Response Center in two working days to pickup your keys [Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM]. The requestor must present a valid Franklin & Marshall College ID card to obtain the requested keys. Keys will only be issued to the person requesting them.

Campus Departure

You must return all College keys to the Service Response Center before leaving Campus for the summer or upon leaving College employment.

Privacy Statement

It is the policy of Franklin and Marshall College not to intrude upon individuals’ privacy. College electronic locks gather information regarding who/when access has been gained. Access to this data is restricted to two members of the Facilities and Operations Professional Staff and is only accessed by request of the Department of Public Safety for investigative purposes.

Last Update: 24 July 2013