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Personal Computing Support Policy

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Franklin & Marshall has long provided a computational environment designed to encourage the integration of "computing across the curriculum." Our approach to computing is consistent with the mission of liberal education - technology is a tool that students employ as they learn. The College makes every effort to design and implement services that hold true to this statement.

For the 2012-13 academic year, Franklin & Marshall College recommends personal ownership of a Apple Macintosh computer and use of a standard suite of application software (Microsoft Office and Norton Anti-Virus) that is provided by the College. With Mac OS X or Windows (XP, Vista, and Windows 7) students will have access to our campus network, both wired and wireless, in order to use a vast array of network services.

The standard suite of software can be downloaded at no cost from a secure campus website for both Mac and Windows platforms.

Students may be required to use special-purpose applications (Mathematica, SPSS, GIS, etc.) for academic assignments. The College provides public-access computers in departmental labs and clusters for this purpose. Faculty members provide support for these curriculum-specific applications.

Students are expected to use the warranty and support services of the manufacturer that produced their systems. Information Technology Services manages a Call Center that students may consult on a variety of technology-related subjects including network connectivity, virus protection, standard applications, and general troubleshooting.  Several local vendors provide repair services for Macintosh and Windows technology.

The process of repairing a malfunctioning computer may result in loss of data; students should regularly make backups. The College provides network file storage via eDisk that can also be used for document backup.  An external drive is a perfect solution for making backups.  We also recommend that all members of the F&M community password-protect their personal computers.

While Franklin & Marshall provides an integrated and supportive computing environment, it is the responsibility of students to:

  • maintain their computer
  • install vendor supplied upgrades and patches
  • keep their virus protection definitions up-to-date
  • backup critical data

Approved by the Faculty Committee on Academic Technology, April 2012

Last Reviewed: 9 May 2013