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Policy for Filming

All individuals and organizations wishing to use Franklin & Marshall College premises for the purposes of filming, videotaping or photography must have prior written permission from the College. Requests must be made at least 10 business days in advance of the proposed date.

Film and Video

The content of the film shoot and its potential impact on the College's reputation must not interfere with the College's education mission, as well as its nonpartisan and nondiscriminatory standard. We reserve the right to review all scripts and other content pertaining to the College, for example, Franklin & Marshall props or clothing used in the film. To ensure the least disturbance to our students and faculty, all film shoots must be scheduled during school breaks or on weekends. Please consult our academic calendar when scheduling your shoot.


Commercial photography shoots may not impede the daily work on campus of teaching students and doing research. Faculty, staff, students or visitors may not be used as models, unless a fee is negotiated and approved by the individuals and the requesting party submits their written consent to the Office of College Communications before shooting begins. Models who are not enrolled in the College may not pose as Franklin & Marshall College students.

Photography intended for use in promotinal materials by vendors, contractors, architects or other service providers of the College must be reviewed in accordance with the College's Policies and Guidelines for Promotional Requests.


Students holding a valid Franklin & Marshall student identification card may film and photograph for course work and for personal use. There are no rental fees associated with filming or photographing for course work, but prior written permission to use requested locations is still required.

Application process

To have your project considered, please fill out the online form.
Must be received at least 10 business days in advance of the requested film date

If your request is approved, fees and other details will be discussed. Fees will be calculated by the College's Office of Administrative Services based on the use of Franklin & Marshall College's facilities and other expenses associated with your filming. A cost estimate will be provided to you in advance of your filming date. Proof of adequate liability insurance, including personal injury and property damage, will be required. On the day of the shoot, you must wear a Franklin & Marshall media badge, indicating to our Public Safety Officers that you have permission to be on campus.

The Franklin & Marshall College name, identifying buildings, seal and logo may not be used without permission.

Last update: 9 May 2013