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Wireless Network Policy

The wireless network is available to any member of the Franklin & Marshall community with an industry standard (IEEE 802.11b/g/a or b/g/a/n) wireless cards. When properly configured, these wireless-capable computers will be able to access our network in areas where network connectivity was previously impossible or impractical.

As the network becomes more transparent and accessible we need to remember that the network is a shared resource for all. Therefore we need to act responsibly with this shared resource. The College’s Acceptable Use Policy outlines each individual's responsibilities.

All members of the Franklin & Marshall community who choose to connect their personal computers to the campus network are responsible for the usage of their computer. Any computer that adversely affects the Franklin & Marshall network or attempts to circumvent College security measures may be disconnected without advance notice. This policy holds true for wireless technologies as well as the traditional network.

In order to use our wireless network it is necessary to register your computer and submit to a scan for known security vulnerabilities. Users who do not have an F&M NetID will be considered 'wireless guests'. Wireless access for guests is governed by the FandM-Guest-WiFi Acceptable Use Policy available as a ‘click thru’ when accessing the service.  Please refer to the Instructions on Connecting to FandM-WiFi for further details.

We require that each individual agrees not to use the network in any way that deliberately diminishes the effectiveness of the network or interferes with the reasonable and private use of those systems by others. Consequently, the College does not allow wireless hubs or systems acting as a wireless hub to be installed on the campus. These devices, if configured incorrectly, will result in the loss of network services for others. Wireless capabilities have been or will be provided for college owned properties; there is no need for an individual to install such a device.

The wireless network employs frequencies in the 2.4 + 5.1 GHz range. The College will approach the shared use of the 2.4 + 5.1GHz radio frequencies, in the same way that it manages the shared use of the wired network. Consequently, the College reserves the right to restrict the use of all 2.4 + 5.1 GHz devices in college-owned buildings and all outdoor spaces on the Franklin & Marshall campus.

If a specific device causes interference or disrupts the campus network, the College will take all appropriate action to restore the functionality of the network. This is in accordance with the College's role and responsibility for maintaining a network.

Last Reviewed: 12 May 2014