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  • 2012 Commencement
  • Images from the 2012 Commencement ceremony held May 12 on Hartman Green. Photos by Eric Forberger.

On a sun-splashed Commencement at Franklin & Marshall College, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg urged F&M’s Class of 2012 to live up to the spirit of independence and service embodied by the school’s namesakes: Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin and John Marshall.

“Take an idea–and then turn it on its head,” Bloomberg said in his Commencement address. “After all, if Ben Franklin had accepted the way things were, we might still be turning on the lights with a match…It may be lonely at times, it may make you unpopular at times, and it may be dangerous to your career. But independence lies at the heart of innovation, progress and pride. So the next time someone tells you why something can’t be done, or why something is the best idea or the worst idea, remember Ben Franklin and his spirit of independence.”

Bloomberg addressed 554 members of F&M’s Class of 2012 and several thousand guests on Hartman Green in the center of campus during the College’s 225th Commencement ceremony on May 12. Elected mayor in November 2001, Bloomberg spoke of a career in politics, business and philanthropy, encouraging members of the graduating class to make time for community service in their futures.

“The thrills that really stay with you forever—I’m sure many of you know—are the ones you get from giving back to your community,” Bloomberg said. “And as someone who is in the position to see up-close the real impact of public service by millions of New Yorkers, I can tell you that every minute of service helps in more ways than you can count.” Read more >