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Franklin & Marshall's Office of Communications provides these answers to questions frequently raised by campus offices and departments requesting production of posters:

How long does it take to get a poster?

Please see the Production Schedule Overview outlined on our Publications Services page. If you supply copy and illustrations and/or photos, the Office of Communications can produce a poster in one week (seven days). For example, if you submit a request on Oct. 1, you will have a poster in hand on Oct. 8.

If you are supplying copy but need the department to create a design from the ground up (finding an image or creating an illustration, for example), we will need two weeks (14 days) to fulfill the request. For example, if you submit a request on Oct. 1, you will have the final work in hand Oct. 15.

What if I want to do a series of themed posters?

If you are planning a series of two or more posters, someone can sit down with you or call you to talk about a concept/theme and create a template to suit your message and needs.

Who creates these posters?

The Office of Communications employs three talented student workers. All are proficient in design and/or photo editing. The Publications staff oversees the students’ work to assure quality control.

What makes a good poster?

The rule of thumb is this: the less text, the better. Let your images and typography do the work. You only have a few seconds, at best, to grab someone’s attention with a poster, so focus on imagery and try to avoid overwhelming viewers with excessive verbiage.

Always include:

  • Title of event
  • Time of event
  • Location of event
  • Cost (if applicable)
  • Contact information (phone number or Web site)
  • Names of sponsoring departments/offices (if applicable)
  • Name of lecture fund (if applicable)
How do I request a poster?

Fill our online poster order form


Call Jason Klinger at 717-291-3913 or e-mail .