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Social Media at F&M

Franklin & Marshall College's approach to social media provides opportunities for the institution to engage with our many audiences in the virtual space that has become a routine mode of communication for many.

While the use of social media won't be right for all communications efforts, and no department is required to use social media, these two-way platforms can be useful outreach vehicles for academic and administrative units with the resources to devote to them. They offer opportunities for us to both listen and also respond to our audiences in ways that print materials, static web pages and e-mail communications do not. Additionally, social media can encourage users with similar interests to engage with each other, forming online communities where content, including photos and video, can be easily generated and shared.

This website provides information about the following:

If you have questions about social media at F&M, please contact Social Media Coordinator and Web Producer Tim Brixius at or 717-358-7179.