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Alternative Sites

How has the proposed layout of the project been designed and are there any viable alternatives?

The project partners retained Gannett Fleming (GF), a global, multi-disciplined engineering firm based in Harrisburg, for its expertise in railroad design. GF extensively studied alternative designs that balanced Norfolk Southerns (NS) operational and safety needs for the railyard, available land, vehicular traffic patterns on city streets and state roads, relationship to the AMTRAK tracks, existing transportation and railroad infrastructure, utilities, environmental impacts and the needs of Franklin & Marshall College and Lancaster General.

The Rail Road Action & Advisory Committees (TRRAAC) two proposed alternate sites were considered even before TRRAAC came into existence, and both sites were rejected because they failed to meet the important design criteria listed above. After more than two years of extensive review and consideration, the current plan is the only layout that has met the design criteria and project goals.

In addition, Norfolk Southern has reviewed TRRAACs two locations and has decided that neither option offers a viable alternative to the current proposal.

You may find GFs comments on TRRAACs two proposed alternate sites and why they do not meet the design criteria on our projects Web site