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Community-based Learning

Linking Classroom Learning with Educational Experiences in the Larger Community

Community-based Learning (CBL) links traditional classroom learning to real, hands-on experiences and learning in the larger community. Students are challenged to link the theories that they learn in the classroom to the realities in the field.

Some examples of CBL opportunities include F&M students working on political asylum cases with a local non-profit legal organization, students working with a local judge in a Drug-court setting, or students teaching School District of Lancaster students about artifacts from the Thaddeus Steven’s archeological dig.

CBL differs from voluntarism in that students are prompted to consider what they have learned and link those experiences to readings and lectures. The relationship between the community and the students is reciprocal, in that students provide a valuable service to the community, but also learn from the community.

Students have the opportunity to take advantage of Franklin & Marshall's location in Lancaster's urban setting by engaging in learning situations in the community through Community-Based Learning courses, as well as through projects sponsored by The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement.

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  • Change Agents
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