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Study one of today's most dynamic fields

The Computer Science major at Franklin & Marshall prepares students for the highest levels of success across a variety of professional disciplines. Also, students from a wide range of majors across campus take advantage of the Computer Science minor to gain technical and programming skills that will distinguish them throughout their careers.

This is an exciting time in Computer Science at Franklin & Marshall. We have expanded our faculty and moved from offering a minor to creating a forward-looking major in Computer Science.  We were fortunate to be able to develop this new major from the ground up, taking advantage of recent advances in computer science pedagogy. 

The flexibility of our new program allows us to incorporate these and other new developments into our new, expanding curriculum.

As part of the Mathematics Department, the Computer Science program benefits from a computer science lab which includes multiple workstations, a professional software development environment, a computer science classroom with 20 additional stations, and a multimedia lab. Mathematics and Computer Science are closely connected with the Bioinformatics  program at Franklin & Marshall.

MAJOR requirements: To view or download a file containing a larger version of the course requirement graphic below, click the PNG button under the graphic. For more information, contact Professor Arnold Feldman, Chair of Computer Science, at . To see the list of requirements, see Additional Curriculum Information on the left.

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  • Erik Talvitie
  • Talvitie Joins Computer Science Program
  • Reflecting on his interest in computer science, Erik Talvitie takes a trip down memory lane. The journey takes him to the 1980s, and a popular wave of entertainment sweeping the nation’s youth at the time.